Creating Storage for the Bedroom

Sometime last month, we decided that we were done with our old bed. It had a padded purple headboard that was quite comfy to lean against but not much good for anything else besides taking up a lot of space. We couldn’t even really put anything under the bed! We were also dealing with storage issues. We had towels and bedlinen taking up precious space in our wardrobe, my various tote bags and backpacks were strewn around the room, I usually had a pile of books on the floor next to me and ever so often, the books would come tumbling down, you get the idea.

So we got a new bed and that solved several problems at one go because the BRIMNES bed frame and headboard provide loads of storage! I loved that we could display stuff on the headboard (like Adam’s Van Gogh cat painting in a RIBBA frame that Anya refuses to let us put anywhere else in the house because she’s scared of it).


our new bed

Let’s digress from talking about storage for just a bit to admire this lovely ALVINE KVIST quilt cover and pillow case set. The pattern was first created in the 1700’s and is now kept at Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes in France. I’ve been eyeing it for the longest time! And since I’m the sort who needs to have a blanket on me even when it’s a warm night, we bought the cooler version of the RÖDTOPPA quilt to replace the one that we’ve been using for ages.


love these sheets

Ok, back to storage now. The BRIMNES headboard has shelves at the side! Whee! So instead of a pile of books on the floor that I trip over every single morning, the books I’m reading can fit nicely into the shelves at the side. And I can even display some of the books that I bought simply because they were so pretty.


storage at the side of the headboard

There are four large drawers underneath the BRIMNES bed frame so all our bedlinen and towels are now in one of the drawers, freeing up valuable wardrobe space. My tote bags and other similar things are also stowed away and less of an eyesore but still within easy reach.


storage under the bed

Here’s another look at the side of the headboard. Each shelf is adjustable to 3 different positions and the top shelf has holes for cables to lamps or chargers so it helps to control the messy wire situation. There’s space for the random things that the kids like to leave behind in our room (like this DUKTIG toy cash register) and I have random odds and ends (like nail clippers, medicated oil, etc) in a GODMORGAN box.


love having my books on display

We’re quite stoked that we managed to get our storage issues in the bedroom under control by getting the BRIMNES bed frame and headboard. Now to snuggle under my pretty quilt and read a book before I sleep!

Disclaimer: This is part of a series of posts from our collaboration with IKEA Singapore. All IKEA products seen in this post are sponsored by IKEA up to a certain amount. All ideas are mine.

Clip ‘n Climb at Our Tampines Hub

I generally find that activities for kids can be quite boring for adults. Clip ‘n Climb is an exception and I may even enjoy it more than the kids do. A quick tip: you can get a discount if you have a PAssion Card but the discount is only applicable for the cardholder so what we did was to use the PAssion Card to get a Savers Pass (10 climbs) and that’s not much more than the $122 (5 x guest price, 1 x PA price) we would have had to pay for the 5 of us, but we get double the number of climbs.

There’s no minimum age and any kid above 10kg can climb, but I feel it’s more suitable for kids above 4. D is above 10 kg but he was not willing to climb any of the walls. So with the exception of D, we all had a lot of fun (despite their expression in the last photo) and decided to book a room there for Anya’s birthday party. Will let the (many, many) pictures do the talking.


Clip ‘n Climb


safety briefing


Anya on the ladder


Adam on the Big Cheese


one of my favourite structures


reminds me of Tetris


rolling around on the floor, refusing to climb


still not climbing


we call this the Elsa ice wall


face-to-face climbing


the husband had fun too


disregard Anya’s expression


Clip ‘n Climb
HomeTeamNS Tampines
51 Tampines Ave 4
#03-03 Our Tampines Hub
Singapore 529684

Storage for Lived In Rooms

Let me be very honest with you: my home is not showroom-worthy and will never appear in any interior design or home decor magazine. I am in awe of people whose living rooms show no evidence of the mess that kids leave behind them as they tear around like mini tornadoes.

There is a general order to things in our home but we have so much stuff and the kids’ toys and clothes are everywhere. While we have quite a bit of storage built in, we don’t use it as much as we should because we need to have everything within reach, especially for the daily morning rush otherwise known as ‘getting the kids ready for school and out of the house on time without anyone going mad’.

Ok, the point I’m trying to make is that my living room is a lived in room and is very messy so I’m going to show you a wee corner of it, just part of the TV console area. Since our last IKEA post was a massive undertaking and we made over the entire kids’ room with new beds and tables and all, I wanted to focus on just a few of our living room storage items for this post.


as a dollhouse


in bookshelf mode

Presenting my favourite new item from the Children’s section: the FLISAT doll’s house that doubles up as a wall shelf. When I first saw this back in December, I was so excited because it’s such amazing value for a solid pine doll’s house. Sadly, it was sold out then and I had been eagerly waiting for it to be restocked. Of course, the HUSET bedroom and HUSET living room furniture are a must for the doll’s house.


furniture packed away

The HUSET bedroom and living room furniture fit very nicely into a small SAMLA box and you can get the SAMLA lid to keep everything dust-free and to allow the SAMLA boxes to stack on top of one another. The SAMLA box is also perfect for the kids’ magnetic tiles that they play with every day. The transparent boxes help the kids to locate their favourite toys easily and without making a mess.


love these boxes!

We are also rather fond of the TROFAST storage boxes (we talked about them in our last post as well) and have several of them all over the house. There are three under the TV console holding the kids’ uniforms so they can get dressed quickly in the morning without too much fuss. Before we implemented this, we used to have stacks of clothes on one side of the sofa. Ahem.


kids’ uniforms and such


altogether now

One final storage idea to share (although this is in our bathroom and not the living room) and I’m really just looking for an excuse to post a picture of my Gudetama beauty products peeking out from their GODMORGAN box. The GODMORGAN box comes in a set of 5 with lids. The 4 smaller boxes fit into the biggest one so you can either use them to create compartments in the big box (that’s what we do for our First Aid kit) or stack the smaller ones on the biggest.


bonus storage tip

Disclaimer: This is part of a series of posts from our collaboration with IKEA Singapore. All IKEA products seen in this post are sponsored by IKEA up to a certain amount. All ideas are mine.

Walk Like An Egyptian!

The ancient Egyptians were fascinating. From the absolute power in the god-like Pharaohs to the awesome engineering of the pyramids and the mysteries of mummification, there is so much to discover and learn.


Is that you, Ramses?

Except that 6-year-olds couldn’t care less.

Enter the Horrible Histories team. 2 students wandering a museum accidentally release the spirit of Ramses II, who possesses the hapless curator and takes them on a side- splitting, rip-roaring 60 minute journey 3000 years back in time.

The action in Horrible Histories: Awful Egyptians is non-stop, slapstick and thoroughly entertaining. The kids were out of their seats laughing and screaming with delight.

There was even something for the adults. My favourite scene was of Isis, wife of Osiris, wandering the land looking for the body parts of her dead husband which had been scattered throughout Egypt , singing “I have nobody, I need a hand…”

Awful Egyptians was both informative and a really, really good time. The kids and I can’t wait for the next instalment of Horrible Histories!

Fortunately, KidsFest 2017 is not over yet. You can still catch Romeo & Juliet Untold from 4-5 February and The Snail and The Whale from 9-12 February. Don’t miss these exciting shows!

Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians

I read a few mind-blowing facts the other day that totally challenged my perception of time. For example, Cleopatra lived closer in time to the invention of Snapchat than to the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza! She died about 2,000 years ago in 30 BC, while the Great Pyramid of Giza was completed around 2560 BC. Another one is that woolly mammoths were still alive when the Great Pyramid at Giza was built. The pyramid was about 1,000 years old when the mammoths went extinct completely around about 1560 BC.

If your kids are as fascinated about Ancient Egypt as mine, they will be thrilled to join the HORRIBLE HISTORIES team on a sixty minute adventure in awful Egypt! Discover the foul facts of death and decay with the meanest mummies in town – find out why they made their mummies and how they did it!  With songs and participation, there’s no better way to learn about Egypt than an hour with the HORRIBLE HISTORIES team! It’s History with the nasty bits left in!

And that’s not all! KidsFest 2017 will be showcasing a total of NINE world-class productions adapted from best-selling children’s books from 11th January to 12th February 2017. From ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt‘ and ‘The Gruffalo‘ to ‘Stick Man‘ and ‘The Snail and the Whale‘, KidsFest 2017 brings stories from the page to the stage with interactive plots, fun songs and a great dose of humour.


KidsFest 2017


the kiss of death?


Mummy wants to give you a hug


an awful Egyptian!


3 pm, 25 Jan and 3 pm & 5 pm, 28 Jan
Venue:  KC Arts Centre – Home of the SRT
Ticket Price:  From $42


Stand to win 1 Family Package of 4 Category 1 tickets to Horrible Histories: Awful Egyptians (worth $248 in total). Please note that the tickets are specifically for the 5pm show on 28 January and cannot be changed for another date or time. Horrible Histories: Awful Egyptians is recommended for children aged 5 and above.

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Kids’ Room IKEA Makeover


When the two older kids were in kindergarten, their bedroom looked like this. They each had a KRITTER Bed Frame with the VYSSA SKÖNT Mattress for Junior Bed. The guard rails at the side were perfect for making sure they didn’t roll out of bed at night.

At a corner of the room, we had a TROFAST Frame with some TROFAST Storage Boxes that the kids would dump their odds and ends into. But we didn’t factor in any space for them to do any writing or drawing and that would usually be done on the dining table or coffee table outside. The room was relatively spacious but the kids didn’t spend much time in their room except when it was time for bed.


Before: two little beds side by side


Before: globes and a plant on some pull-out boxes


Before: nothing much in front except for the shelf


Now that the oldest is in Primary school, we needed to make some space in the bedroom for a work area. So we got rid of the junior beds (one was moved into another room for the baby, another was given away) and we bought the KURA Reversible Bed with MALFORS Foam Mattress instead.

The kids were delighted because they had been asking for a bunk bed for the longest time. We added the KURA Bed Tent with Curtain and just like that, the bed also became a little playhouse for them! Can you spot the HEMMAHOS Cactus Soft Toy on the top bunk?

We also added two MOSSLANDA Picture Ledges on the chalkboard wall so that we could have more books visibly displayed in the room to get the kids interested and encourage the kids to ask for them.


After: bunk bed that doubles up as play area


After: keeping books visible encourages reading

After clearing the necessary floor space, we still had to find a proper table for Anya. We didn’t want to get a kid’s table that had to be replaced after a few years so we bought the FLISAT Children’s Desk that is extendable to three different heights (53, 62 and 72 cm) as the child grows. The desktop can be tilted to help vary their work posture while the groove in the desk prevents pens and other smaller items from falling down when the desktop is tilted.

What I especially like about the FLISAT Children’s Desk is the holder that fits the MÅLA Drawing Paper Roll perfectly. The slats underneath the desk also holds TROFAST Storage Boxes so the kids have extra storage for all their things. For the moment, we are using MAMMUT Chairs and will progress to other types of chairs as the kids grow. To ensure the kids can see well, we are using HÅRTE LED Work Lamps because they are so sleek and don’t take up that much space on the table.

After: lots of paper at hand for creativity

Special mention goes to the RÅSKOG Trolley because it really allows for flexibility and mobility in storage! Currently, we have stationery in the top tier, Anya’s school things in the middle and library books in the bottom. We have a habit of borrowing lots of books and forgetting about them so this helps to keep the books out in the open and visible to the kids.

If you look closely at the top tier of the trolley, you’ll be able to see some of the MÅLA range of stationery from IKEA. I love that they are such good value for money. In the trolley we have the MÅLA Stamp Pens (the youngest loves stamping with these), MÅLA Chalks, and MÅLA Gel Ink Pens.


After: trolley allows flexibility and mobility


After: a space for each kid

So.. ta da! This is what we did for the kids’ room and it should last them for some time. It looks a bit messy but we really are messy people and this is truly how the room looks like most of the time. Now I just need to get my act together to makeover the other rooms!

Disclaimer: This is part of a series of posts from our collaboration with IKEA Singapore. All IKEA products seen in this post are sponsored by IKEA up to a certain amount. All ideas are mine.

BB Share a Gift 2016

It’s that time of the year! Once again, we are participating in the annual BB Share a Gift by buying groceries and delivering hampers. The kids have been part of this since 2012 and it’s something we intend to be part of every year.

While it’s actually not very convenient to bring the kids along for the delivery, we want them to be able to meet the recipients of the grocery items they have helped to purchase. It helps if you have a trolley to push the hampers on or you can request for some BB Boys to help with the heavy lifting.

So join us in bringing some cheer to the lives of the less fortunate this Christmas season! The beneficiaries are from some 7,108 households who are receiving assistance from Government-funded ComCare programmes and from 198 Voluntary Welfare Organisations.You can help by making donations at various locations, at any AXS station and online as well. You can also volunteer to deliver food hampers. Have a Heart, Share a Gift!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

delivering hope!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

loading up

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

guarding the hampers

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

ready to go!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

knock knock

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

carrying the hampers in