Daily Archives: November 10, 2008

Wedding & Babies!

It was another weekend of spending time with friends and family. Went to Auntie Iris’s place for some yummy mee siam. Selena hasn’t given birth yet but it should be anytime soon! Also attended Wynne’s wedding dinner at The Fullerton Hotel and met up with some secondary school and JC friends that I haven’t seen for ages. I’ve known Wynne for the longest time; we were in GB in primary/secondary school together and in ACJC choir after that.

deborah, ren, wynne, qi & me

Went to the airport to see the students involved in the Hong Kong exchange programme off on Sunday morning and then popped down to Yun’s place to see the babies and the gang.

alex & ang pao given by nice auntie delphine

alex & reuel

sam staring at the babies

sam decided he wants to be a baby too

reuel being burped

the tans

yun & reuel

sam grinning cheekily

sam playing some 'blow the thread' game

sam playing the 'arab game' (don't ask..) with the husband

alex fast asleep on pink bouncer

alex sticking out tongue