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Random bits

Went to The Pump Room at Clarke Quay with some of my colleagues yesterday night. Jive Talkin’ was playing as usual but Tuesday is also Open Mic Night so Adrian Tay went up and sang with the band! He did Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours and was really good. Not many people had the guts to go up and perform. One girl went up and played the drums for Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl? and another guy went up and tried to sing Michael Buble’s Swing but was practically booed off the stage because he was not good at all. Some of us left about 1am so we weren’t around to watch Adrian get invited up by the band to sing Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars but those who stayed behind assured us that he was very good. It was a bit weird being there and not being to dance or get a proper drink but I’d love to attend another Open Mic Night and watch Adrian perform again before I pop!

Went to see Dr Soong on Monday and all is well. Despite the Christmas feasting, I haven’t put on more weight than I should, which is good. I don’t have gestational diabetes so that’s great too. Baby is about 1.1kg now and Dr Soong thinks I may pop mid-March instead of end-March. We talked about pain control options and she also asked if I had any special requests for the birth and was obviously relieved that I didn’t have any strange demands like needing to give birth in total darkness or wanting the umbilical cord to pulsate a specific number of times before she cuts it, etc.

Received my results for my last two MA courses and I got an A and a B. I’m pretty satisfied. My next course starts 7 Jan and ends 1 Apr so I’m probably going to miss the last one or two sessions! Will have to finish any assignment given before I go into labour! School starts again on Friday and I hope the heat in the classroom won’t overwhelm me. It’s been really hot these couple of days and I just feel overheated all the time!


The past couple of days have been great just spending time with family and friends. On Christmas Eve, we had the Wee family Christmas gathering over at Lena’s place and also celebrated Kong Kong’s birthday.

kong kong & ma ma

On Christmas Day, Adrian & I went to church and for lunch with the auntie before coming home to relax and nap. We went to watch Australia in the evening and I must conclude that Hugh Jackman is the manliest man on Earth! It was a good movie, beautifully shot.

On Boxing Day, it was the Christmas gathering with the gang at Juan’s place. The baby received more presents than I did! But I got some pretty great ones as well. I’ve been looking for a nursing wrap to use when breastfeeding but the ones I’ve seen so far are so clownish-looking! Xin got me a really nice one for Christmas! :) Adrian bought Kenneth a pair of boxers modelled on the Good Morning towel and he obviously liked them since he’s already wearing them in the photo!

the guys

the girls

Glucose Tolerance Test

Went to Thomson for my Glucose Tolerance Test today which is done to check for gestational diabetes. I had to fast from midnight so I decided to go for my appointment as early as possible before I starved to death since the entire process takes about 3 hours. I had to give them a urine sample and they took some blood as well. Then, I had to drink this super sweet glucose solution within 5 minutes. The lab person actually sits there, watches you and times you while you drink it. It was orange-flavoured and gassy so it reminded me of extremely concentrated Fanta orange. It wasn’t too bad and didn’t make me feel like throwing up or anything but it did give me a bit of a headache. After drinking that, I had to sit around for an hour before going back and giving another urine sample and more blood. And then sit around some more and repeat the urine and blood samples again after another hour.

I was trying to while away some of the time in between by strolling around the centre and I came across this couple. The woman looked very young, like a teenager, and she was sitting on the floor crying loudly. The man, who also looked very young, was just sitting in a chair looking helpless. When I strolled by them again later, the young woman was still wailing but there was another woman there who was gently scolding her, saying in Mandarin, “Mei mei, you are going to be somebody’s mother soon. You can’t get so worked up over such a small matter! Don’t be so upset just because your handphone is spoilt!” Argh. Teenage mother-to-be! So much drama! I quickly walked away, of course.

All in all, the test didn’t take that long and I just hope that the test results will be ok when I see Dr Soong next week!


Our prenatal class on Sunday was on bathing the baby. It’s scary how serious some of the other couples are! They were taking notes and asking a million questions. The husband and I were a lot less serious and were busy dressing the baby up instead. Heh.

our plastic baby

turban baby/ sushi chef baby/ bank robber baby/ bunny baby/ tudung baby

Christmas party at Boon Lay! Taboo!

we're the beijing olympic mascots!

celebrating peter's birthday with 3 lighters & a log cake

all of us

Yet another baby!

I’ve been surrounded by pregnant women this entire year! Sharon (my cousin’s wife) gave birth at 11.30am on 18 December 2008. Aidan Quah currently weighs 3.86kg (he’s a big, sturdy baby!) and is 52cm in length. This should be the last baby for 2008 and it also means that if I ever have a son, I can’t call him Aidan! :(

looking slightly disgruntled


with his grandma

selena with asher

Bali Babymoon Day 1

This is one of the best trips that the husband and I have taken together. All we did was eat, sleep, laze around and go for spa treatments. There was no pressure to sightsee or to buy stuff for friends. Bliss. It helped that we had a beautiful villa that we were content to lie around in and that I didn’t get food poisoning this time. Hah.

We stayed at The Villas Bali and booked the babymoon package which included certain meals and spa treatments. It was wonderful. I’m definitely going to insist on a repeat experience when I’m expecting my second baby!

The villa:

picture from

picture from

picture from

picture from
We didn’t do much the first day except take silly photos, swim around and take videos of Adrian doing the silly Matt/Visa dance in various locations.