New Year!

I’ve been tossing and turning for the last 2 hours but I just can’t sleep! This always happens the night before the first day of school. Decided to get out of bed and spend some time writing about how I spent the first day of 2009.

Attended the watchnight service at the Barker Road Methodist Church preaching point at ACS (International) with the aunt, the husband and the sister-in-law. So at midnight, we were singing Pass It On in the darkened hall and lighting candles. This is the first time Adrian and I welcomed the new year together! Usually, he’d be asleep at home while I’d be in church with my friends. So it was a nice and peaceful way of welcoming the new year. We had supper at the Holland Village coffee shop after the service and we took our first photos of the year!

Adrian & Gek Lee Aunty

Fifi & I

In the afternoon, we went down to Auntie Iris’s place for lunch and Baby Asher & Baby Aidan were there too. They are incredibly cute. After that, Adrian and I went down to Shun Li Industrial Park at Kaki Bukit to look at the baby stuff at Baby Hypermart and Baby Kingdom. We got the cot, stroller and car seat there so it was a really fruitful trip! Also swung by Enterprise One at Kaki Bukit where Adrian bought a new golf club at the Nike Golf shop there. He is a happy man.

Dinner was spent at one of Adrian’s uncles’ place where the relatives from the mother-in-law’s family were gathered. So all in all, we had a busy day and managed to clear some stuff on our to-do list and also to spend time with family members!

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