Daily Archives: February 20, 2009

Unusual Valentine’s Day

Adrian and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but we had an unusual one this year. We were in Thomson Medical Centre by 8.30am and spent a few hours there. Two days before that, we had gone to see Dr Soong our obstetrician and during the check-up, she noted that the baby’s weight was low. She said that it could be a case of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) which could be due to premature ageing of the placenta, which in turn could be caused by stress, and she scheduled us for a detailed scan. We were supposed to go for the scan the following Tuesday before seeing Dr Soong again on Friday but we decided to go on V-Day and try our luck in the queue. Managed to get the scan done without too much waiting and it confirmed her diagnosis. There is a notch in the right uterine artery meaning that blood flow to the baby is restricted and the baby is not getting as much nutrition as she needs. I’m supposed to eat more (and put on more weight) since the baby is getting a smaller proportion of nutrition from what I eat. I also have to get a rather painful injection every week to allow the baby’s lungs to expand and mature.

This is a very unflattering picture of me hooked up to the CTG monitor which monitors the fetal heartbeat. I wasn’t really feeling that miserable but Adrian wanted me to put on what he calls my pathetic ‘hush puppy’ expression. This watching over every beat of the baby’s heart experience felt really appropriate since it was Valentine’s Day:

On our unusual V-Day, Adrian bought me a hilarious pair of Domokun bedroom slippers to wear in the hospital when I deliver. They are really comfy! I have a thing for funny-looking bedroom slippers. :)

We went to see Dr Soong again today and the baby has put on a bit of weight so that’s good. I’m trying my best to eat and drink as much as possible without exploding. I’m still getting an injection weekly. We could see the baby practising the use of her lungs today. Will be going for 2 more appointments the next 2 Fridays and also an additional CTG on Tuesdays to monitor the baby’s heartbeat. Since the baby is not getting enough nutrition inside, we need to deliver her earlier. We’re doing it by caesarean because inducing and going through the process of labour and natural delivery may cause fetal distress when IUGR is involved. We are scheduled for Monday, 09/03/09 which is three weeks before my actual EDD.

I’ll be resting at home till then so I won’t be going to school anymore. Still need to clear marking and set CA papers though! Also have one more MA assignment to finish before that. I plan to spend the next two weeks clearing my work and also washing up all the baby things. Would also like to get some pictures printed up to finish updating my pregnancy journal. Juan bought me a really lovely baby journal that I want to start writing in as well! Adrian and I are anxious and worried, of course, but we know our friends are praying for us and with us!