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Anya – Week 3

If she’d arrived on her expected date of delivery, Anya would have been born yesterday! But since she was forced to make an early appearance, she’s 3 weeks old now. I’m still amused by how frantic she gets when it’s feeding time. Like Adrian says, she goes from 0 – STARVING in about 2 seconds. One moment she’s fast asleep and the next moment she’s managed to work herself up into quite a frenzy. But this baby is perfectly capable of sleeping soundly through the dirtiest of diapers!

I started the first session of my postnatal massage on Saturday. The lady doing the massage is nice and I’m comfortable with her but some parts of the massage are really PAINFUL! She says that my neck and shoulders are very tight, I obviously don’t exercise much, I don’t eat healthily and my blood circulation is bad. Ah well. Can’t really disagree with her on any of those points!

Had some visitors this week (the Lobos, the Loos, Adrian Tay, my aunt and uncle) so wasn’t too bored. But I still want to get out of the house! If I have to be cooped up any longer, I’ll go mad and run around screaming like these two:

More photos here!

The Suicidal Apple

One of the interesting things about having a baby around is that I hear my grandma and my mum singing her songs and telling her things that they used to sing to and tell my brother when he was a baby. I’m pretty sure I got the same treatment as a baby too. There’s one song that’s a bit strange. I call it The Song of the Suicidal Apple. I’m not sure if these are the actual lyrics but this is what it sounds like to me anyway:


I am a big apple
Every child loves me
Fragrant, sweet and delicious
With red skin of a good colour
Children, come quickly and eat me
And your face will be like an apple’s

I mean, what’s that all about?? It’s so strange!!

A disturbingly appropriate picture:

[Photo Credit: Chosunilbo]