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Star Cruises Superstar Virgo

We went on a cruise over the weekend! It was great fun and I think Anya enjoyed it too. I hadn’t been on a cruise since I went with my JC choir and some Japanese exchange students back in ’98! Back then, it was four people to a very tiny and windowless room. This time round, we had a room with a balcony which made a lot of difference!! I mainly ate, swam and slept on this trip. Adrian and the rest were a bit more exciting. They played mahjong, went to the casino, watched a performance etc. Anya was pretty good and slept through both nights. She went swimming for the first time and she liked it! And she was quite exhausted afterwards so that was good for us. :)

our little room

superstar virgo!

anya at breakfast, still in her sleep suit


grumpy baby

exhausted baby

family photos!

chuckling with nav

Just for fun..

Photo of Mummies taken about 10 months ago:

Photo of Mummies and birthday girls (Ren & I) taken about 2 weeks ago:

Reflections for Anya’s Fourth Month

This month, we celebrated Father’s Day and my birthday. You also made your first trip to the library where you got your library card! We brought you around as much as we could and you went on your very first holiday as well.

You are balding quite a bit this month and, with your little tummy, starting to look a lot like your Ah Kong.

You smile a lot and your little chuckles are unbelievably cute. You are still quite grouchy with strangers but once in a while, you can be quite charming. You definitely have a temper though! You seem especially angry when you’re tired and it’s nap-time, you shout and struggle against sleep.

This month, your hands are either busy grabbing and holding on to things or they will be in your mouth. Your favourite toy seems to be Halle Berry, a free sponge we got from buying PeelFresh juice.

My prickly little DuriAnya, you are hard to handle and can be a bit smelly at times but I love you to bits!

I look forward to the rest of the time with you but I already miss these four months that have passed. Just know this: you are loved!

Random Bits

Something I noticed on my profile page which I found interesting:

Anya’s age = the length of time before our wedding anniversary! Okay, I’m aware that no one else is going to find this even vaguely interesting so I’m going to move on to the next random thing…

I have mastitis. Sigh. It’s not that bad. Had a fever yesterday and my head and body were aching quite badly but my boobs are not killing me so I’m not too miserable. I really hate feeling weak and helpless though.

On a related note, I felt that my milk supply was starting to dwindle so I decided to give fenugreek supplements a shot. They work! I really would like to feed Anya breast milk till she’s six months old if it’s possible but I won’t kill myself if circumstances prevent me from doing so. I do feel the pressure to continue beyond that since almost all the other mummies in my circle are/ were still breastfeeding even after their kid passed the six-month mark. Well, we’ll see. Anyway, when I eventually do stop giving her breast milk for whatever reason, I’m going to mark the occasion with a few martinis at Morton’s!

Anya got her library card today! The National Library is having some promotion and the youngest member to register between now and December will win a $500 library. I’m pretty sure she won’t be the youngest so all the expectant ladies (I think there are four on my friends list), go register your baby once you have a birth cert number so you can get free books! I don’t know if you even need a birth cert number because the registration form I filled in had a blank for expectant women to fill in the estimated date of delivery! Well, Anya got some free stuff (a baby CD, a baby journal, a book bag) for signing up and I can use her card so I can borrow twice the usual amount! Basic memberships are now entitled to borrow 2 AV items so I got some Baby Einstein DVDs for her today. I loooove to buy books but I’m trying not to buy too many new books for the time being since the money can be used for so many other things for the baby.

Finally, can all the mummies out there help me please?? Anya is terrible at falling asleep on her own. The only time she sleeps on her own is when she’s in the stroller being pushed around, in the carrier or after one of her middle-of-the-night feeds. At home, she usually gets very irritable when she’s tired and starts shouting. She has to be carried and patted till she falls asleep before we can put her down. Sigh. Please tell me how I can get her to nap on her own!! I borrowed some books from the library on that too so I’m hoping to find a solution somehow!

Malacca Trip!!

Malacca Day 1: 3 July

We drove up to Malacca and Anya was quite ok most of the way up except for some crying as we were passing through customs. She slept until we got to the rest stop where we all had a drink and used the toilet. She also had her milk and had a very big poop. She went mad and cried like crazy when we reached Malacca because we had to stop at many traffic lights. When we got to Holiday Inn, Anya decided that she wanted to take a nap and we had to wait for her.

Then we went down to Jonker Walk and had chicken rice balls at Hoe Kee. Anya was on her best behaviour. She sat quietly in her stroller while we ate and didn’t make any fuss while we walked around the little stalls at the Stadthuys and at the night market. Adrian and I went back to the hotel after some cendol and my parents stayed on to walk around somemore.

Anya really enjoyed her bath in the tub and was kicking most happily. My parents did the night shift so Adrian and I could sleep. She was quite cooperative and slept for 8 hours.

waiting in the lobby

our room

big bed, little baby

family photo


Christ Church

with big-headed husband

geographer cafe

Anya eyeing her Ah Kong’s beer

getting ready for bed

Days 2 & 3! More pics!

Deb’s Move-In Day!

Debs moved into her new place last Wednesday! Her place looks great and so very different from before it was renovated. I went over in the afternoon with Subway sandwiches and to help her with her bedsheets and to do some chores that short people cannot do (hahaha!!). Also went shopping with her for all the basic essentials that she might need. In the evening, we tabaoed some Boon Tong Kee over to Hilda (that’s what Debs has named her place) to celebrate her first night there! Anya had a great time rolling around on the sofa and on the bed.

my strange husband with a Bumbo on his head

the auspicious things

tummy time on the challenging terrain of the sofa

chicken rice!! you can see Anya’s chubby limbs waving around in the background

Bring Your Own Bottle!!

her bottle

(Very Belated) Reflections for Anya’s Third Month

This post is really late because you’ll be four months old in about a week’s time! This has been quite a social month for you and you’ve been all over the place hanging out with friends and relatives. We celebrated my first Mother’s Day and I must say I’m really happy to be your mother. :) Your daddy and I also went on our first date since you were born and you tortured your grandpa and Auntie Fifi by crying ever so often and refusing to sleep.

You took your first ride on the MRT. Let’s just say you’re not particularly fond of public transport. We met up with Auntie Selena and Cousin Asher and we also celebrated Uncle Navin’s birthday. You attended your first funeral wake and it was for a granduncle. You also got your passport made! It was quite a challenge taking a proper photo for the passport. We popped down to school a few times and I even brought you down for Boys’ Brigade

This month, you have become much sturdier. You are really interested in sucking your hands but you still hate tummy time though. You are very curious about the things and people around you and can be quite smiley when you’re in the mood. Generally though, you are quite a grump. A lot of people think you look like a boy and that you’re really dark. But they think you’re cute too so that’s ok. You are looking more like your father and behaving like him too with all the tv-watching and the farting.

I look forward to the rest of the time with you but I already miss these three months that have passed. Just know this: you are loved!