Star Cruises Superstar Virgo

We went on a cruise over the weekend! It was great fun and I think Anya enjoyed it too. I hadn’t been on a cruise since I went with my JC choir and some Japanese exchange students back in ’98! Back then, it was four people to a very tiny and windowless room. This time round, we had a room with a balcony which made a lot of difference!! I mainly ate, swam and slept on this trip. Adrian and the rest were a bit more exciting. They played mahjong, went to the casino, watched a performance etc. Anya was pretty good and slept through both nights. She went swimming for the first time and she liked it! And she was quite exhausted afterwards so that was good for us. :)

our little room

superstar virgo!

anya at breakfast, still in her sleep suit


grumpy baby

exhausted baby

family photos!

chuckling with nav

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