Reflections for Anya’s Fifth Month

This month, you are quite a drool factory! Your hands are constantly in your mouth and you also put anything you can get your hands on into your mouth! You are also blowing bubbles more frequently especially when you’re happy or excited. You like to touch our faces when we talk to you. It’s much easier to make you smile or laugh and you’re simply a delight to be with!

You enjoy bath time and like to spend the entire time kicking your little rubber duckie off the edge of your tub or crushing it with your legs. You splash like mad during your baths and you love to splash around in the pool as well. We like to bring you swimming because you have so much fun and you’re all tired out afterwards and sleep like a log.

You are less grouchy now because we understand you better and know when you are hungry or sleepy and can meet your needs accordingly. This month, you have been flipping from your back to your front and now sleep on your stomach. You do a lot more tummy time now and have been pulling your legs up to your tummy. Although you’re not crawling yet, you can move quite a bit by squirming and kicking around. It’s now easier to put you down for a nap or for the night and you sleep better too.

You had fun on a cruise and went for your first wedding. You were amazingly well-behaved during the church service and the reception. You also celebrated National Day and met up with many different groups of people.

I look forward to the rest of the time with you but I already miss these five months that have passed. Just know this: you are loved!

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