Daily Archives: August 28, 2009

Ramblings on some NUH talk

Anya started on solids a couple of days ago! I attended a ‘Baby’s First Food’ talk at NUH today with my mum thinking that it would offer me some information that I wouldn’t be able to get from parenting books/ websites. It did not. Ok, we were secretly hoping that there would be some free samples but there weren’t. Heh. The presentation was fairly simple and the dietician was going through her slides quite quickly. One lady asked her to slow down because she wanted to copy down some info so another lady asked if they could email the slides to those interested or put the presentation up on the website to be downloaded. Let’s just say that the reply was something to the effect of ‘this talk is free so we are not obligated to do you any favours’.

I get vaguely annoyed when people ask irrelevant questions. I mean, this was a talk about weaning and starting solids, not about breastfeeding! One woman (a grandmother) wanted to know if she could give a breastfed baby water. The dietician told her that she shouldn’t because breastmilk provides sufficient fluid and giving water may result in the baby nursing less and getting fewer calories, etc. She was clearly not happy with the answer and kept shaking her head with a disgusted look on her face. Obviously, she’s had some disagreement with her daughter/ daughter-in-law over this issue. I don’t know why the older generation is so obsessed about giving water to a baby!!! I’m glad my mum got over it quite early on.

Another woman wanted to know what she should do if she doesn’t have breastmilk because she’s not the natural mother of the baby. Surely it’s obvious that she should give the baby formula then?? But the lactation consultant told her that in some cases, it’s possible to induce the production of breastmilk in a woman who has not given birth. I find that slightly disturbing but since I have not gone through an adoption process, I may not be able to imagine and/or appreciate the extent some women are willing to go to in order to bond with the adopted baby.

Anyway, will post pictures of Anya’s first encounter with solids soon!