Monthly Archives: September 2009

Reflections for Anya’s Sixth Month

You were really active this month! You met up with lots of friends and relatives and met some girl babies for the first time. You went swimming at Auntie Deborah’s a couple of times. You now roll easily onto your front and then back again which makes it slightly more difficult to get you to go to sleep because you keep flipping back and wanting to play!

You have belatedly embraced the National Day ’09 theme and this month, you are reaching out and reaching up! You have been reaching for your toys, your toes and also reaching out to be carried and to grab our faces and hair!

This month, you also started sitting in the high chair which makes it a lot easier for us to eat when we bring you out without the stroller.

The biggest step for you this month is starting on solids! So far, you have had brown rice cereal, white rice cereal, pumpkin, carrot, broccoli and apple. You make the most hilarious faces when you’re trying something new!

Of course, you make your preferences very clear and when you enjoy eating something, it’s quite obvious.

You are so much fun to be with and oh-so-squishable!! I look forward to the rest of the time with you but I already miss these six months that have passed. Just know this: you are loved!

The end of expressing breast milk!!

Anya is six months old today! Since I’d decided long ago to stop expressing breast milk once she’s six months old, we have been gradually introducing formula and now she’s drinking formula during the day and breast milk at night. We froze the excess breast milk so we have quite a few packs sitting in the freezer. For the formula, we have tried Friso, Nan and Similac. Initially, she’d make a face, cry and fuss like mad while drinking the formula. Sometimes, she would even throw up all the milk after her feed! After some experimenting, we found out that she’s fine if the formula is made with water at room temperature (or cooler).

Anyway, I’m glad that I made it this far! Now I’m sitting around with cabbage leaves in my bra because that’s supposedly the best way to stop the milk supply. I’ve been pumping less frequently as well so I hope I will ‘dry up’ in a few days! Of course, now that I won’t be burning as many calories as before, I better watch what I eat or I’ll put on weight!!