Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

Rawr! I’m a scary halloween monster!!

Decided not to dress Anya up for this year’s Halloween since she can’t even stand yet and won’t be able to show off any sort of costume properly. Instead, I put her in this Old Navy orange skull-and-bones onesie that I bought for $3 from one of those outlet shops in Clementi.

Anya goes to the Zoo!

We went to the zoo on the Monday after Deepavali since it was a school holiday. However, we couldn’t tell that Anya was not at her best. While we were there, she was cranky and lethargic but we thought it was because she was sleepy. Then her nose started running and her eyes were tearing too. We left as soon as we could to see a doctor and by then she had a slight fever. My poor baby!!! :(

I was quite appalled by the changing facilities for babies at the zoo. Anya had a very big poop while we were there and I had a hard time changing her. The pull-down changing table was fixed on the wall between the entrances to the male and female toilets. There was no surface for me to put the baby bag, the bin was not within reach, the sink was far away.. It was a nightmare!!

Anya in her floppy hat

boat ride

with a moo-moo here…

…and a baa-baa there…

here neigh, there neigh…

with Ah Meng

melted baby