Anya in hospital

On Sunday night around midnight, we heard Anya crying. She usually cries if she wakes up and finds herself alone so we weren’t too concerned. I went into the room to check on her and what I saw made me scream. Adrian rushed in and we both stared in shock at Anya who was sitting up in bed with her face completely white because it was covered… in vomit. We calmed her down and cleaned her up (and the whole time I’m sobbing and going on about how I’m the worst mother on Earth). We decided that she’d probably overeaten or something and tried to get her to go back to sleep. But she threw up again. So I insisted that we go to the hospital and right before we left, she threw up AGAIN.

We made our way to KKH Children’s Emergency and she threw up again before seeing the doctor. My parents also rushed down and met us at KKH even though they’d just gotten back from Thailand. We were told to give her some Pedialyte (glucose solution) and to get a urine sample (ermm, they stuck a plastic bag to her bits). She refused to drink the Pedialyte and also refused to pee and was very upset and angry because she was extremely tired. At about 4am, I got Adrian and my dad to go home while my mum stayed behind. Eventually, we had to admit her because she threw up again and still wouldn’t drink and the doctor was worried that she’d get dehydrated. My mum wanted to stay over with her so after making sure they were ok and after another doctor examined her and diagnosed her with viral gastroenteritis, I left at 6.30am and went home to sleep for a couple of hours.

When I went back later in the morning (feeling like a total zombie), they’d put an IV drip in her and she was very grouchy. It was heartbreaking to see her so glum and with a tube sticking out of her hand. But at least the vomiting had stopped and she was taking some juice. She was still having pretty bad diarrhoea though and they wanted her to stay another night. My mum went back home to rest and came back in the evening to stay over with her again.

her poor little hand

glum in daddy’s arms

adrian busy working

looking tiny in her hospital scrubs


Today, she was in much better spirits because they’d removed the drip from her and she could move around more freely. She still had diarrhoea and we had to get her pants changed a few times because everything would just ooze out. She pooped on me twice.

much more cheerful

reading in auntie fifi’s lap

adrian sleeping in the baby’s cot

She was discharged at 5pm but will still have diarrhoea for a few more days so we have to continue to observe her and change her diapers like crazy. She’s staying at my mum’s so she’ll be well taken care of. I’m just glad she doesn’t have to be in the hospital any longer and I really hope she gets better soon. I pray that none of the mothers I know would ever have to go through the horrible experience of having her kid(s) hospitalised.

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