Baby Slings & Carriers!

selena with asher in ergo, me with anya in patapum (with sleeping hood over her head)
I’d been looking for a new baby carrier for a while. With Anya getting heavier everyday, it was getting really hard to carry her in my arms for long periods and the Baby Björn that had served me well for a long time was starting to kill my shoulders. My cousin Selena raved to me about her Ergo baby carrier which she managed to get second-hand from one of those baby forum sites. That woman is really good at finding cheap and good second-hand things!!! I’m nowhere near as resourceful and patient as she is and a new Ergo was a bit too expensive for my liking so I needed other options!

After a bit of Googling, I found Baby Slings & Carriers which has a shop at Square 2 @ Novena so we dropped by. The service there is amazing! I really love it when I go to shops where the owners are the ones selling the products and are clearly passionate about what they are selling. I go mad when I meet sales assistants that tell me silly things like “everything is the same, only the colour and the price are different”! So I got to try on many different carriers and they gave me recommendations based on my needs and pointed out the pros and cons of each carrier. They clearly knew what they were talking about and were very warm and patient. We got a Patapum in the end and now I’m using it very happily! Yay! It distributes the weight to the hips so I can carry Anya for long periods without feeling the strain which is great especially when I’m out alone with her. Anya sits very comfortably in it and usually falls asleep after a while.

Hang on. I had a point to this post. Oh yah, I have a card which gives 10% off another carrier at that shop. It expires 10 Sept so if anyone wants the card, just let me know!


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