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Dust Bunny

I was doing a fieldwork recce of the Redhill/ Telok Blangah area yesterday with a colleague and 2 teachers when we came across a most unusual shop tucked away in Bukit Purmei amidst kopitiams and provision shops: a vintage clothing shop called Dust Bunny! From the magazine articles on the walls of the shop, I think it’s received quite a lot of media coverage so those who are fashion-forward and into this sort of thing probably know about it already but I was quite surprised to see a vintage clothing shop out here in the middle of nowhere. You know how the clothes in vintage shops can sometimes look a bit dodgy? The stuff at Dust Bunny was not like that at all! I saw lots of interesting stuff at prices which are lower than similar shops found in town. I tried on a cute dress but alas it was a bit small for me. Definitely worth checking out!

Blk 112 #01-203 Bukit Purmei Rd
Singapore 090112

Anya at Polliwogs

We brought Anya to Polliwogs last Sunday afternoon. Selena said Asher had lots of fun there when she brought him and that it was worth visiting. I agree with her! Anya had a great time and I got quite a workout chasing after her to make sure she wasn’t trampled on by the bigger kids. I like that the play area for the younger kids is quite substantial unlike in other indoor playgrounds. The staff ensures that everyone in the play area gets his/ her temperature taken and wears socks. There are also hand sanitisers around. Will definitely consider holding one of Anya’s birthday parties there in future!


Anya got really excited when she saw the ball pit

Happily kicking and flinging balls around

Slide at the small kids’ play area

Me flinging her down a long slide that led to another ball pit area!

With Adrian

Playing with spikes

Climbing over triangular blocks

The cafe area

She wants nachos, not porridge

Asleep in less than a minute after getting into the car!!

The Polliwogs
1020 East Coast Parkway
#01-02 Singapore 449878
Tel: 6442 2805
Playground Hours:
Weekdays: 10am to 7pm
Weekends and Public Holidays: 10am to 8pm

Hindhede Nature Park & Quarry

Another nature post before the weekend descends upon us (yay!). We went to the Hindhede Nature Park on Good Friday. It’s a short walk from our place and not very crowded. It’s a very walkable trail suitable for both young and old. There’s even a playground inside!

Adventure is out there!

What’s this?? Is it a relative of the tomato??

Spiny Licuala. It has very scary spikes along the leaf stem!

Family shot!

Hindhede Quarry is named after Hindhede & Company Ltd

I think it’s more than 35m deep!!

Water break for Anya

Fig tree! I think figs are absolutely fascinating! You know how they are called 无花果 in Chinese? Well, you don’t see any flowers on the tree because the fruit is the flower!! Ok, what I mean is, the flower is INSIDE the fruit. See the little hole at the end of the fruit? A wasp will fly in through that hole to pollinate the flower inside and also to lay eggs! The wasp dies in the process and never comes out of the fig so if you think your job sucks, well, just be glad you are not a fig wasp. And each species of fig can only be pollinated by a particular species of wasp. Amazing!

Anya’s first time in a swing! This is the only kind she won’t fall out of!

Looking a lot like her daddy in this shot!


Fish-tail palm. Apparently the jagged leaves which look like they have been chewed on prevent the plant from being eaten by animals because most animals don’t like to eat leftovers. The flowers grow in a cluster which looks like a green mop and each new cluster grows below the old one. So when a cluster of flowers reaches the ground, the palm DIES!!!

Heeeyyyy… macaranga! The three-lobed leaf reminds me of Adidas! The macaranga has a symbiotic relationship with ants. It has hollow stems which the ants nest in and it produces a sweet nectar which feeds the ants. The fierce ants in turn protect it from predators! So clever!

Little Durian Star!

Am I the only person who thinks that Singapore’s mascot for the World Expo 2010, Little Durian Star, is cute?? It seems like this little fellow has been receiving rather negative comments from Singaporeans and from the international community.

Well, I think he’s infinitely more interesting than China’s mascot Haibao. Or maybe I like Little Durian Star (榴莲小星) so much because he reminds me of my smelly little Anya! Hehe. And hey, this photo of Anya was taken way back in July ’09. Maybe I should claim that she’s the original Little Durian Star and they should pay me some copyright fees or something!

Reflections for Anya’s Thirteenth Month

This month was a very busy one for us! I’m going to have to do this in point form, I think!

We went to the Zoo 3 times this month!

Your first ACJC Fun-O-Rama. Lots of food for you!

We went on many nature walks. This is at Hindhede quarry.

First time at Universal Studios for all of us. Nothing much for you there though!

Being sacrificed to random Egyptian god


First time at the Night Safari for us! You went “kkkeerrr” at the animals and tried to eat leaves

You got to hang out with your Aussie relatives: Granduncle Ernie, Grandaunt Diane, Auntie Pam & Uncle Nick! You also met Mrs Meow (one of my favourite teachers of all time) and strange uncle Gerald at Fun-O-Rama.

Attended auntie Fariha’s (daddy’s secretary) engagement party

We celebrated Dan’s 满月, and auntie Xin & Ju’s birthdays. Dan & Sophia are your new friends!

Your great grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary

It’s hard to keep up with all your new tricks. You go “yay!” with your arms up in the air and know how to do the actions for 洗手 and 洗头. I love how you do a full-body nod instead of just nodding your head when you’re saying yes to something. You are slowly mastering the actions for ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ although you tend to go straight to your toes in anticipation! You have been climbing up, down and all around furniture but still not walking yet.

You are a very impatient child and hate to sort shapes. We tried to guide you in the sorting and to cheer you on with “yays!” but when you were supposed to do it on your own, you sneakily flung the piece aside and went “yay!” for yourself anyway!! Sometimes you stuff the pieces in via the opening in the bottom instead.

The most perplexing thing you are doing this month is to smack yourself on demand!! When you do something naughty, we’ll say “beat ah!?” and you’ll smack yourself on the arm and then soothe yourself. It saves us the trouble of smacking you but it’s really quite a strange thing for you to do!!

On the rocking giraffe that auntie Qi bought you

Going peek-a-boo with mummy’s hat

Your feet are finally big enough to wear some of your pretty little shoes. You are very irritable and bitey because you have teeth coming out like mushrooms after the rain! You currently have 2 fully grown teeth on top, 2 at the bottom and another just appearing on top. I think you are using all your energy to make teeth because you want to eat MORE! You have a healthy appetite and generally eat whatever we eat. We try to avoid giving you processed, salty, fried or oily food though.

Mmm.. KFC! (And daddy’s hand ready to pull the tray away)

Eating a hot cross bun

You’re growing up so quickly and I cherish every single moment I have with you. I can’t say this enough: You are loved!

Sophia’s 满月

Poor little Sophia had to observe her 满月 last Sunday in hospital! She had an unexplained fever and rashes so they had to run some tests on her. :(

not happy

shouldn’t I be having a party???

never mind, at least daddy & mummy are here with me