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Congrats Nick!!!

My little younger brother has graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic! And he’s going to NS in July!!


I Love Museums: Kids’ Edition – Singapore Art Museum

This is probably the last in the series of museum visits! On Sunday, we dropped by Singapore Art Museum for their Children’s Season then realised that it was actually being held over at SAM at 8Q (i.e. 8 Queen St) around the corner. The event is till 18 July so it’s still available for checking out! There are very colourful installations there and several activities for kids. Anya’s favourite was Walter’s Garden which is a sort of playground with green tetrahedron cushions scattered around. We buried her under the cushions and she enjoyed that so much that the other kids around decided to help us bury her as well. So funny! She also liked the giant robotic flowers.

SAM at 8Q. Yes, that’s a giant inflatable rabbit on the roof.

say hi to walter!

anya buried by cushions

hop! hop!

more bunnies!

giant robot flowers with motion sensors

the fantastically illustrated Enchanted Garden

merlion taking a dive!

I Love Museums: Kids’ Edition – Peranakan Museum

On Saturday, we went to Ramayana under the Stars, an event by the Peranakan Museum at Stamford Green. There wasn’t much for Anya to do there but I think she still had fun. We also popped down to the Peranakan Museum and she made Auntie Vonnie carry her around and bring her to every single interactive touchscreen computer thingy.

playing with a wayang kulit puppet

waiting for her balloon doggy

getting her caricature drawn

choosing her tattoo

getting ink done

pretty flowers! she loved this…

at the peranakan museum

lovely building!

auntie vonnie and her aching arms

anya loves museums!!

Rochester Park Cafe, Rochester House

Had brunch there on Sat morn with the Nairs, my aunt and Anya. Place is lovely with lots of greenery and food is decent. Service was not great but perhaps it’s because the people are all rather new and inexperienced. Menu was worded in such a way that made us think we were getting OJ and coffee or tea with our breakfast and the waitress even confirmed it but in the end they said it was OJ or coffee or tea. They also charged us for one coffee and one tea even though they were supposed to come free with the meal. Didn’t realise till I got home cos was quite distracted with Anya. Called them to ask about getting a refund and they said they’d call me back but didn’t. Guess it’s partly my fault for not checking properly! :(

They have a play area inside which is padded and seems to be quite well-equipped (similar to the kids room in Covenant EFC which I visited) but at $6 an hour and $6 for subsequent half hours, I would rather go to Polliwogs or somewhere else. I thought the whole point should be to make the play area free or charge a very minimal fee so that parents would choose to go there for brunch instead of say, Jones the Grocer or somewhere else. So overall it’s an ok place but I don’t know if I’ll be going back.

Anya in Macau: May 11-14

I’m having trouble falling asleep cos I had too much tea during dinner. Sigh. Here are some photos of Anya from the Macau trip that she went on recently with my parents, aunt and brother! Looks like she had lots of fun and totally didn’t miss her parents…

at the airport, wearing my brother’s crazy giant orange shoes

playing in the airport at 4am

looking deceptively sweet and harmless in the hotel

outside some casino

at the guan yin statue

abandoned on some random bench

striking her “I am the champion!” pose

I Love Museums: Kids’ Edition – Reflections at Bukit Chandu

We went to Bukit Chandu today and like Old Ford Factory yesterday, there were many activities for kids being carried out. There were stations for kids to build their own battleground, mould clay figurines, make music and draw!┬áIt was Adrian’s first time at Bukit Chandu so he had a good time learning about the events that took place there.

Anya had quite a bit of fun making music with bowls of water and drawing on the floor with chalk (and also trying to eat chalk). She walked a few steps while we were there!! I’m so proud! :)

Bukit Chandu

Adrian & Anya

Well of Reflections

Prisoners of War

Battlegrounds built by children

Sonic Peacegames

Making cool synthesiser music with bowls of water!

Drawing with chalk

happy kiddo