Daily Archives: May 3, 2010

Anya at the Istana

The Istana had an open house on Labour Day so I forced persuaded Juan and her family to go down with Anya & me! It was open from 8.30am to 6pm but we got there pretty late at about 5pm. Entrance was free for Singaporeans (we had to show our ICs) and $1 for foreigners. It was great fun!! There was so much space for the kids to run around and they even set up a few of those Fisher-Price plastic playground-type things for the kids!

Anya & Sam in front of one of the golf holes

map of areas open to public

there were a couple of little booths selling stuff to raise $$ for community chest

love this pic of Hwee Lee & Sam off to play ball!

Sealing Wax Palm! Also known as Lipstick Palm.

Asoka Tree

Tembusu tree. This is the tree on our $5 note!

trying to stop Anya from tumbling into fountain

we were both soaked but only Anya had extra clothes!!

Anya walking with Uncle Hwee Lee

final shot before leaving! Anya went “EH!” at the guy!