Daily Archives: May 8, 2010

Anya visits Covenant EFC

Last Sunday, Adrian was away in Penang so Anya and I visited my former church, Covenant EFC and we attended Sunbeam Cradle with Selena and Asher. There isn’t a cry room in my current church and Sunday school is for older kids so this was Anya’s first experience of being in a Christian children’s group.

We have to wash our hands before going into the room. They take the kids’ temperature and check their mouths, hands and feet before letting them in. Each kid also gets a name tag.

We sing some action songs and there’s storytelling.

Then it’s play-time! And of course, the toy that other kids are playing with is the most enticing. The room is sound-proof so mummies (and the occasional daddy) wear wireless headphones to listen to the sermon and whatever else is going on down in the sanctuary. There’s a TV screen to show what’s happening too. I think it’s brilliant because I haven’t heard a sermon properly since Anya came along because she tends to get restless in church and starts making noise so we usually have to bring her outside for a bit. It was nice to be able to concentrate on the sermon and still keep an eye on her.

There’s paper and crayons for drawing

For some reason, there’s a laundry basket and some kids like sitting in it.

Guess who??