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Reflections for Anya’s Fourteenth Month

You are 14 months old today! Happy Mother’s Day to me! I want you to know that I really feel so blessed being your mother. :)

This month, we hung out a few times with your friends Asher, Sophie, Alex, Samuel and Daniel (and their respective parents, of course). Some new places for you were Polliwogs, Covenant EFC, the Istana and The Little Gym.

hanging out at auntie ren’s place

at polliwogs

at the istana

playing at cefc

on the balance beam at the little gym

You have some new tricks but it’s hard to keep track! You have cute little actions for “scared” and “fly” and you like to sing the e-i-e-i (no o!) bit of Old Macdonald had a Farm. One thing is clear: you love music! You bop and dance whenever a catchy tune is being played. Your favourite parts of any TV show are the music bits and you love toys that produce music. You like to request for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on your xylophone. I hope this means that you’re going to be as talented in music as your daddy cos mummy has zero musical talent!!

playing with your xylophone

You came down with a fever this month and I think I was the one who passed the germs to you! :( Thank God you recovered much more quickly than me! You seem to be significantly taller and heavier this month although we haven’t really weighed and measured you in a while. I’m glad you are growing well because you actually lost some weight when you were sick. Your daddy thinks you are incredibly heavy and likes to call you an anvil. Your hair is also getting longer and thicker and I can’t wait till I can tie it in little bunches! You have six teeth now: four on top and two at the bottom! You look very cheeky when you grin.

You eat well and you’re not fussy about your food. This makes you very easy to feed even when we’re out and about. You definitely love your carbs, especially rice! You like snacking on cereal and raisins and also like to eat cherry tomatoes, strawberries and little cubes of cheese. One thing’s for sure: you are a very messy eater!! You get food all over your clothes, the table and the floor! Well, I guess It’s not surprising considering how messy your parents are!

checking out the menu at pizza hut

cha soba at ichiban boshi

chomping on bun stolen from mummy

milo at hong kong kim gary with auntie qi

You have started potty-training and seem to be doing quite ok. When you want to poop, you point to your diaper and I’ll put you on the potty so that you can do your thing. I’m really glad you can poop in the little Ikea potty which cost us less than $5 and don’t need a $60-something one!!! For now, you seem pretty happy to continue peeing in your diaper so we’ll have to see how that goes!

on the potty and wondering why your mother doesn’t respect your privacy!!!

You are an incredibly friendly child and can be quite affectionate. You even have a bunch of old lady friends at Clementi whom you wave at and say “Eh!” to whenever you see them downstairs. You usually oblige when asked to kiss, bao bao or sayang us. Sometimes you give us kisses on your own accord and I really cherish those moments! :)

that’s us wearing the same t-shirt today!

Thank you for giving me a reason to celebrate Mother’s Day. You’re growing up so quickly and I cherish every single moment I have with you. I can’t say this enough: You are loved!