Daily Archives: May 15, 2010

I Love Museums: Kids’ Edition – Memories at Old Ford Factory

Walked over to the Old Ford Factory with Anya this afternoon to enjoy the free admission and the activities that they were having for kids. We got free crayons and a little badge!

Anya was quite excited when she saw a group of artifacts consisting of some mess tins and a toothbrush and made her cute little teeth-brushing action.

There were little stations with activities to “recreate an atmosphere of civilian life during the Japanese Occupation” and story-telling sessions too. Her favourite station was one with giant cushiony building blocks for kids to stack up.

Ford Factory

giant snakes and ladder board

storytelling session with roots and vegetables as ‘props’ for the story

construction zone

construction site

kids at work

Anya climbing

free soup!!

I really do!

Anya’s First Steps!!

We were in the living room and Adrian was watching Formula One. Anya was standing at the TV console playing with something or other and I reached out my arms to her and asked her to come over to me. She turned and WALKED about four steps before tumbling into my arms and we both kinda tumbled to the floor because I was so excited! She was laughing very happily and was very excited too when she was taking those steps. It happened so suddenly so we don’t have a video or anything. Oh well!!

So I messaged my mum:

Me: Ponyo walked!
Mum: At hotel she walked 1 step.

Hmmph! Such a wet blanket. I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, those were her first steps and the step she took in Macau was a fluke! Bwahaha!!