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I Love Museums: Kids’ Edition – Reflections at Bukit Chandu

We went to Bukit Chandu today and like Old Ford Factory yesterday, there were many activities for kids being carried out. There were stations for kids to build their own battleground, mould clay figurines, make music and draw!┬áIt was Adrian’s first time at Bukit Chandu so he had a good time learning about the events that took place there.

Anya had quite a bit of fun making music with bowls of water and drawing on the floor with chalk (and also trying to eat chalk). She walked a few steps while we were there!! I’m so proud! :)

Bukit Chandu

Adrian & Anya

Well of Reflections

Prisoners of War

Battlegrounds built by children

Sonic Peacegames

Making cool synthesiser music with bowls of water!

Drawing with chalk

happy kiddo