Daily Archives: May 19, 2010

Baby Heather!

My cousin’s wife, Sharon, gave birth to a pretty little baby girl yesterday. Say hello to Heather Quah! I think she looks a lot like her older brother, Aidan!

Heather smiling at me!

Heather and I

The parents


Anya in Macau: May 11-14

I’m having trouble falling asleep cos I had too much tea during dinner. Sigh. Here are some photos of Anya from the Macau trip that she went on recently with my parents, aunt and brother! Looks like she had lots of fun and totally didn’t miss her parents…

at the airport, wearing my brother’s crazy giant orange shoes

playing in the airport at 4am

looking deceptively sweet and harmless in the hotel

outside some casino

at the guan yin statue

abandoned on some random bench

striking her “I am the champion!” pose