Daily Archives: May 27, 2010

I Love Museums: Kids’ Edition – Singapore Art Museum

This is probably the last in the series of museum visits! On Sunday, we dropped by Singapore Art Museum for their Children’s Season then realised that it was actually being held over at SAM at 8Q (i.e. 8 Queen St) around the corner. The event is till 18 July so it’s still available for checking out! There are very colourful installations there and several activities for kids. Anya’s favourite was Walter’s Garden which is a sort of playground with green tetrahedron cushions scattered around. We buried her under the cushions and she enjoyed that so much that the other kids around decided to help us bury her as well. So funny! She also liked the giant robotic flowers.

SAM at 8Q. Yes, that’s a giant inflatable rabbit on the roof.

say hi to walter!

anya buried by cushions

hop! hop!

more bunnies!

giant robot flowers with motion sensors

the fantastically illustrated Enchanted Garden

merlion taking a dive!