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Seriously good burgers!!!

bar bar black sheep, have you any food?

yes ma’am, yes ma’am, two plates full!

one for the man who’s always on the phone
and one for his wife who’s taking photos!

Saturday in Pictures

Ok, back to regular programming! I’m not a groupie; I just like Jay Chou’s songs! Here are some photos from Saturday. There’s a picture of a cemetery so if you’re squeamish about such things, avert your eyes after the 4th picture!

This is Anya pretending to take a nap at Starbucks before her session at the Little Gym. She got up really late so I only had time to change her diaper and rush out of the house with her still in her pyjamas. But we didn’t have to wait long for the bus so we had time for breakfast! She’s holding on to 胖娃, her fat imperial guard stuffed toy from the Forbidden City.

On our way to Auntie Yun’s place

Huge 4-part sculpture of a man reading

Giant hand! Reminds me of the Addams Family!

The Yin Foh Kuan cemetery. It’s surrounded on three sides by HDB blocks! The layout of the headstones in neat, compact rows is rather similar to Kranji War Memorial. This place belongs to a Hakka clan association and the ancestral hall is still there apparently.

Anya and Reuel driving around

Ju & Melvin with Sophia, Jotham & Daniel

Jay Chou! Jay Chou! Jay Chou!!! :D

Went to the Jay Chou concert last night and had a great time! I was there with Vonnie and 2 of her friends and we were 15 rows from the front. After the last Jay Chou concert, I resolved to get the most expensive tickets for the next concert. So I did! For the the next concert, I resolve to stay out of trouble with security guards! Haha… Saw many familiar faces including an LJ friend who was in the row behind me (you know who you are!) but didn’t say hi or anything ‘cos I’m actually quite shy about meeting LJ friends IRL. Heh. Anyway, was very excited and happy during the concert except that the man diagonally in front of me had a rather big head. Wasn’t too keen on the songs from his latest album cos I haven’t really listened to it yet but was thrilled when he sang my favourite song 开不了口! Hmm, I wonder if I can force the rest to go to a Jay Chou-themed cafe in Taipei next week… ;)

Von & I

the audience


at the piano

near the end

The Cousins Meet!

My cousin’s wife, Sharon, threw a surprise birthday gathering for him on Monday night at Da Paolo, Rochester Park. The food was great and the cousins finally met up again after a long time! Anya hasn’t met up with Aidan since her birthday and it was also the first time she met her new baby cousin, Heather!

My mum has a neighbour who sews clothes for Anya for fun. The dress she’s wearing is one of those outfits. The batik top she has on in her Ah Soh picture in a previous post was also made by that neighbour. Anyway, some of the pictures below are from Sharon’s facebook.

Anya attacking the pizza

The cousins

With the daddies

“Bow down before me!!”


Fowl Weekend

We had a pretty rotten weekend what with the terrible weather, horrendous traffic and a series of unfortunate events. But I’m still thankful that I got to spend quality time with Anya. She had to miss Little Gym but we made up for it by having a nice brunch with Auntie Debs at Hatched. Later in the afternoon, we had to wait 45 minutes for stupid 173 but we were rewarded with yummy macaroni cooked by Auntie Debs. Ok, guess I got to spend quality time with my sister too. And quality time involves food. Heh. The thing is, even if my weekend doesn’t go according to plan (and I do plan my weekends quite obsessively scrupulously to get the most out of them), I’m happy anyway because the company’s always great! :)

Night Festival 2010

We went to check out the Night Festival earlier this evening (and so did half of Singapore). However, it was a case of bad timing all around! I wanted to catch The Red Tree at National Museum but it was full even though we got there in time. We popped over to the Peranakan Museum ‘cos they had activities for children lined up but Anya fell asleep right before we got there! We looked at a few things here and there but were generally too early or too late for the programmes I really wanted to catch. Oh, and Anya decided to wake up just as we were leaving. Haha. Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow night if we have nothing else planned!

too early for paraboles 2.0

outdoor film screening at the substation

community mural project in the alley. very cool!

peranakan museum. too bad anya was asleep!

taxi girls and taxi boys at smu campus green

cambodian mythology photo stands

check out my pecs!

world’s slowest sms billboard at SAM

flea-tique, SAM at 8Q

Threadless + Havaianas = LOVE!!!

There are Havaianas flip-flops with my favourite Threadless design! AHHH!! I want!!!

pictures from

I bought quite a few pairs of Havaianas from Brazil because they were so much cheaper there than in Singapore. Bought two teeny pairs for Anya and she won’t be able to wear them for long but they are soooo cute on her!

She has the tiniest feet! I think her feet are currently about the size of a 9-month-old’s even though she’s already 16 months old! No wonder it took her so long to start walking! I know, it’s ironic because I have ginormous feet, yadda yadda…. I’ve heard it all before!!! Hmmph. Must try to get a picture of us three wearing Havaianas at the same time before she grows out of hers!