Daily Archives: July 10, 2010

Reflections for Anya’s Sixteenth Month

This month passed in a flash and I can’t believe you’re already 16 months old! After being separated from you for 10 days, I was so very happy to see you waiting for me at the arrival hall of the airport with daddy. I was extremely proud of you because you were walking very well! However, I was not so pleased to see that you had a black eye!! You looked like you were wearing eye shadow on your right eyelid. Of course, daddy had neglected to mention in his SMS updates to me that you were injured! Grr!

photo of you with your black eye taken by auntie von

The highlight of this month was our trip to Melbourne! It was a great trip and I really enjoyed being able to spend so much time with you. You didn’t do too badly on the long car rides along Great Ocean Road and didn’t seem to mind the cold. You loved being able to get up close and personal with the penguins and all the farm animals. This month however, you were extra sensitive and whiney and threw tantrums quite easily. Sigh. One cold night on Philip Island, you even pulled my pizza box off the coffee table and the entire pizza went splat on the floor! Ah well. I’m glad you mastered walking before this trip because it made the trip so much better for you!

at eagle rock

walking with daddy

cape otway lighthouse

your crazy morning hair

looking more like mummy!

feeding animals

running off on your own

abandoned child

sharing a Coke

getting too big for the bassinet

After coming back to Singapore, you started your sessions at Little Gym. I think you’re having fun so far! We celebrated my 30th birthday and you met up with all the gang kids but we forgot to take a group photo!

with Russell after class

daddy’s looking at the wrong camera, i’m sleepy-eyed and you’re looking at the cake

you sitting like an old ah soh

our family

You are growing up so fast and I cherish every moment with you. I love everything about you. I can’t say this enough: You are loved!