Night Festival 2010

We went to check out the Night Festival earlier this evening (and so did half of Singapore). However, it was a case of bad timing all around! I wanted to catch The Red Tree at National Museum but it was full even though we got there in time. We popped over to the Peranakan Museum ‘cos they had activities for children lined up but Anya fell asleep right before we got there! We looked at a few things here and there but were generally too early or too late for the programmes I really wanted to catch. Oh, and Anya decided to wake up just as we were leaving. Haha. Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow night if we have nothing else planned!

too early for paraboles 2.0

outdoor film screening at the substation

community mural project in the alley. very cool!

peranakan museum. too bad anya was asleep!

taxi girls and taxi boys at smu campus green

cambodian mythology photo stands

check out my pecs!

world’s slowest sms billboard at SAM

flea-tique, SAM at 8Q

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