Jay Chou! Jay Chou! Jay Chou!!! :D

Went to the Jay Chou concert last night and had a great time! I was there with Vonnie and 2 of her friends and we were 15 rows from the front. After the last Jay Chou concert, I resolved to get the most expensive tickets for the next concert. So I did! For the the next concert, I resolve to stay out of trouble with security guards! Haha… Saw many familiar faces including an LJ friend who was in the row behind me (you know who you are!) but didn’t say hi or anything ‘cos I’m actually quite shy about meeting LJ friends IRL. Heh. Anyway, was very excited and happy during the concert except that the man diagonally in front of me had a rather big head. Wasn’t too keen on the songs from his latest album cos I haven’t really listened to it yet but was thrilled when he sang my favourite song 开不了口! Hmm, I wonder if I can force the rest to go to a Jay Chou-themed cafe in Taipei next week… ;)

Von & I

the audience


at the piano

near the end


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