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Anya at Baby Loves Disco!

Anya went for the Baby Loves Disco launch on Saturday. As promised, the music was at an acceptable level and the lights weren’t too dim. I also liked that they didn’t try to pack the place in so it was quite a comfortable number of people there even though the tickets were sold out. However, I think they should reconsider the age group of the children. This was open to kids from 0-6 years old and some of the older ones are really BIG and rowdy so I feel that it’s not too safe for the smaller ones to be on the dance floor at the same time. Also, parents tend not to watch over the older kids as closely because they assume that they can take care of themselves so I have to make sure my kid is safe AND stop the big kids from banging into her or knocking her over! I think an age range of 0-3 years old would be much better. I mean, it’s called BABY loves disco right?? A 6-year-old is hardly a baby!

There was a bubble machine which the kids really liked and a balloon man who was busy making balloon animals, flowers, wings, etc. The queue for that was quite long so they really should have hired more than one balloon dude. There was also a segment where people from some dance studio went up on stage to teach the kids coordinated dance steps to some songs. Ok, I didn’t like that at all. I mean, it’s supposed to be unstructured and kids should just be doing what comes naturally to them, i.e. move to the music however they want. Why do they want the kids to do some kind of mass dance?? Don’t we have enough conformity in this society already?? And obviously the smaller kids can’t really follow along!

The food provided was ok. Not exactly baby-friendly though. There was fried bee hoon (which had some pieces of chili in it), chicken wings, ├ęclairs, nonya kueh and some fruit. I thought they would provide some proper baby snacks but they didn’t. They had both soft drinks and fruit juice. There was a decent diaper changing area in the toilet and a play area outside the club. What I found quite inappropriate though were the mothers who took the opportunity to dress in tight skimpy tops and short shorts and high heels. It’s a family event, for goodness sake!

So will I bring Anya again? I think she had fun but probably not ‘cos it’s expensive and for all the reasons above. But if a bunch of my friends want to go for the next one together, we’ll probably just tag along with them anyway.

dancing with daddy

the food

teaching dance steps (see how big that kid on stage is??)

play area

Singapore Heritage Fest

Saturday was a busy day for Anya! We went for her Little Gym class but had to walk over to Marina Sq from NTUC Income Centre cos the bus dropped us there due to YOG road diversions. Grr.. After that, it was brunch at Food for Thought then some kids’ activities at the S’pore Art Museum. Vonnie joined us halfway and we had fun making noise at the drum circle before we headed over to the Food Fair at the SMU Campus Green for more food! Our final stop was the National Museum which had free entrance for the day! Vonnie hadn’t been to the museum for awhile so we went to check out the 1960 exhibition as well as some of the other permanent exhibits.

brunch: pancakes with a side of bacon!

nom nom nom

attack of the swordfish

anya explaining that the play made her scared

auntie vonnie to the rescue!

stall selling cute handmade stuff

drum circle. this was fun!

what’s next?

more food!

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Took a day off sometime last month for my convocation ceremony so spent the morning with Anya at the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. However, I was very silly and didn’t bring along her swim things, extra clothes, sun block or even insect repellent! But we still managed to have some fun and she didn’t get bitten or burnt or anything! I love that most of the plants there are labelled and grouped in a thematic manner so that kids (and adults) can learn more about them.

at the entrance

waterplay area



calabash shells are used for containers and musical instruments.

at the playground

blue pea. used in colouring kueh like the pulut inti

roselle. I’ve seen herbal teas made with this plant!

Anya and I


I haven’t gone clubbing in a million years but we’re planning to bring Anya for Baby Loves Disco on 28 Aug from 2-5pm at DXO! The lights will be brighter, the music will be at a baby-friendly level, there will be a toys corner and snacks, finger food and free-flow juice will be provided. There’s also supposed to be some other fun activities and children entertainers around. Sounds like fun to me! The early bird promotion, which is valid till today, is $26 for adults, $8 for kids and free for babies who aren’t walking yet. After today, it’s $30 and $10 respectively. All I need to do now is find a happening disco outfit for Anya. Haha! Anyone else wants to bring her baby? :)

Guess who’s famous in Clementi??

Anya is pretty famous in Clementi Central. All the old ladies who sit around in the void deck know her, the newspaper vendor knows her, the kopitiam uncle knows her, the server behind the fish counter at NTUC knows her, the girl working at the DVD shop knows her… so on and so forth. But if you look at the National Day banner behind Anya, you will see that her fame has been eclipsed by none other than her very own great grandmother!

Reflections for Anya’s Seventeenth Month

A quick round-up of the month!

You were all over the place this month! You attended the Playeum event at Parkway Parade, my graduation at NTU, Uncle Nick’s enlistment at Pulau Tekong, many different homes and restaurants, and of course, Taipei! Your favourite words this month were ball, bubble, butterfly and crocodile. Quite a strange assortment! You love to imitate advertisements and people and can be such a little joker. You have finally hit 10kg and I’m definitely feeling it when I carry you! Once again, I had to travel for work and didn’t get to see you for 6 days. But it was not so bad this time around because you and Daddy (and Auntie Debs and Yee Po) came over to Taipei to join me and we got to spend some time together!

‘shoplifting’ at john little’s

at jacob ballas children’s garden

you love the iphone

at my graduation

with your hair in little bunches

at Ximending

in your anya shirt

at fishermen’s wharf

at the jay chou cafe

wearing my hat

with noodle fangs

cute sushi mascot

my little russian doll!

with bob the builder