Reflections for Anya’s Seventeenth Month

A quick round-up of the month!

You were all over the place this month! You attended the Playeum event at Parkway Parade, my graduation at NTU, Uncle Nick’s enlistment at Pulau Tekong, many different homes and restaurants, and of course, Taipei! Your favourite words this month were ball, bubble, butterfly and crocodile. Quite a strange assortment! You love to imitate advertisements and people and can be such a little joker. You have finally hit 10kg and I’m definitely feeling it when I carry you! Once again, I had to travel for work and didn’t get to see you for 6 days. But it was not so bad this time around because you and Daddy (and Auntie Debs and Yee Po) came over to Taipei to join me and we got to spend some time together!

‘shoplifting’ at john little’s

at jacob ballas children’s garden

you love the iphone

at my graduation

with your hair in little bunches

at Ximending

in your anya shirt

at fishermen’s wharf

at the jay chou cafe

wearing my hat

with noodle fangs

cute sushi mascot

my little russian doll!

with bob the builder

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