Daily Archives: August 31, 2010

Anya at Baby Loves Disco!

Anya went for the Baby Loves Disco launch on Saturday. As promised, the music was at an acceptable level and the lights weren’t too dim. I also liked that they didn’t try to pack the place in so it was quite a comfortable number of people there even though the tickets were sold out. However, I think they should reconsider the age group of the children. This was open to kids from 0-6 years old and some of the older ones are really BIG and rowdy so I feel that it’s not too safe for the smaller ones to be on the dance floor at the same time. Also, parents tend not to watch over the older kids as closely because they assume that they can take care of themselves so I have to make sure my kid is safe AND stop the big kids from banging into her or knocking her over! I think an age range of 0-3 years old would be much better. I mean, it’s called BABY loves disco right?? A 6-year-old is hardly a baby!

There was a bubble machine which the kids really liked and a balloon man who was busy making balloon animals, flowers, wings, etc. The queue for that was quite long so they really should have hired more than one balloon dude. There was also a segment where people from some dance studio went up on stage to teach the kids coordinated dance steps to some songs. Ok, I didn’t like that at all. I mean, it’s supposed to be unstructured and kids should just be doing what comes naturally to them, i.e. move to the music however they want. Why do they want the kids to do some kind of mass dance?? Don’t we have enough conformity in this society already?? And obviously the smaller kids can’t really follow along!

The food provided was ok. Not exactly baby-friendly though. There was fried bee hoon (which had some pieces of chili in it), chicken wings, ├ęclairs, nonya kueh and some fruit. I thought they would provide some proper baby snacks but they didn’t. They had both soft drinks and fruit juice. There was a decent diaper changing area in the toilet and a play area outside the club. What I found quite inappropriate though were the mothers who took the opportunity to dress in tight skimpy tops and short shorts and high heels. It’s a family event, for goodness sake!

So will I bring Anya again? I think she had fun but probably not ‘cos it’s expensive and for all the reasons above. But if a bunch of my friends want to go for the next one together, we’ll probably just tag along with them anyway.

dancing with daddy

the food

teaching dance steps (see how big that kid on stage is??)

play area