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Busy Weekend!


  • Breakfast at Coffee Bean, Rail Mall
  • Lunch at Shokudo, Raffles City with Ren, Juan, Xin (and the kids)
  • Little Gym at Marina Square
  • Halloween Fright Night at Asian Civilisations Museum
  • Visited Von at her Flea Market stall at Scape Youth Park
  • Dinner at Burger Bench Bar, Orchard Cineleisure with Debs and Simon
  • Checked out the Deepavali lights and fair at Little India


  • Breakfast at Cedele, Rail Mall
  • Family Nap!
  • Lunch at Ma Ma’s house
  • Quick trip to Ikea
  • Dinner at IFC with the family

Wedding Lunch & Pumpkin Playdate!

On Saturday, Anya and I attended my ex-colleague’s wedding lunch at Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport. The silly baby didn’t take her nap before that so she fell asleep in the cab. Fortunately, she was quite ok at the wedding and wasn’t grumpy or anything. Most of my ex-colleagues haven’t seen Anya for a really long time so it was nice that they could meet her again. The groom’s Japanese and his mother said that Anya looks like a Japanese baby. Well, I’ve heard that many times from various people but I guess when an actual Japanese says it, it must be true. Haha.

After the wedding lunch, we went to my bible study friend’s place for a pumpkin playdate party. There were many little kids there and a lot of them were born in Mar 2009 like Anya but they are all bigger than Anya! She’s really a tiny little thing. She was supposed to wear her strawberry costume but it was raining so heavily that we were just glad to get to the house without being drenched and didn’t bother with her costume.



strange minnie man

drawing on a spider


Cake, Water, Kites!!!

We had another busy little weekend with Anya! On Saturday, Anya and I went to Clare’s birthday party at Polliwogs. Got a lift from Juan so didn’t have to cab all the way there and back. Yay for Juan! We had a great time and I’m glad Anya got to meet Clare. She’s such a sweet and good-natured little girl and she took such good care of her little guests. Clare also had a super cute and yummy Spongebob Squarepants birthday cake! The only blip on an otherwise perfect morning was when some 6-year-old girl bashed Anya on the forehead when she got off her swing and let go of it with total disregard for the safety of those around her. That girl got massively scolded by me and Anya got a baluku. ;(

On Sunday, we went to Marina Barrage! Adrian tried to fly his kite on the roof but there was no breeze whatsoever so we went down to the water playground where he and Anya had a blast ‘catching’ fountains and splashing around. Then we went back up to the roof to dry off and to have another go at the kite-flying. It was loads of fun (and very tiring) although I can firmly conclude that I’m completely useless when it comes to flying a kite. Haha.

water baby!

my father-in-law had moderate success

the happy kiddo

random mad woman running around

Kampung Carnival

We went all the way to Yishun last Sunday to check out ‘Balik Kampung: A Day to Celebrate Climate Solutions’ at the Bottle Tree Park. There were many little stalls selling environmentally-friendly things like clothes made from organic cotton, green cleaning products, organic vegetables, paper made from sugarcane, etc. There were also food stalls and Adrian got very upset when he realised that they were all selling VEGETARIAN food. Haha. It was terribly hot that day and we were roasting so we didn’t stay very long.

pledging her commitment to the environment

vegetarian kong bak bao!?

nom nom nom

green products


the bottle tree

scrambling blocks!

Reflections for Anya’s Nineteenth Month

Hello, my little sweetheart! You are now 19 months old! It’s been a really tough month for me in so many ways and I would not have survived it without you. Thank you for being so lovable and so loving. Every time you say ‘Mama’, my heart melts into a little puddle. You have also been super clingy this month which has been terrible for my shoulders and really tiring sometimes but I know it won’t last forever so I cherish every moment while it lasts.

wearing daddy’s shoes!

playing at go go bambini

you put on your bike helmet whenever someone on TV is wearing one

catching toybox with mummy

enjoying the performance

you enjoy buckling yourself up

with your cousins

saying “EAT EAT EAT!!!”

wondering what’s going on during a mad photo session

you are crazy about balloons!

you are crazy about hello kitty!

and still crazy about fountains

you and daddy on the day you turned 19 months old!

Thank you for making life so much better for me. Always know that I love you very much and that I love you more with each passing day.


Went to HortPark on a Learning Journey the other day and they let us into two of the prototype glasshouses that they are using to test building materials, cooling technologies and optimum temperatures and humidity for the Cool Conservatories at the future Gardens by the Bay.

The cool dry conservatory at Gardens by the Bay will have temperatures and humidity similar to the Mediterranean and semi-arid sub-tropical regions while the cool moist conservatory will be similar to tropical montane and cloud forests regions like Mt. Kinabalu and Cameron Highlands.

So exciting! Can’t wait for Gardens by the Bay to open!

stop and smell the flowers

check out the lovely Spanish moss on the tree

the cool dry glasshouses



lily of the nile

look at the pear growing on the tree

inside a cool moist glasshouse

slipper orchid

passion flower growing outside