Daily Archives: October 3, 2010


Went to HortPark on a Learning Journey the other day and they let us into two of the prototype glasshouses that they are using to test building materials, cooling technologies and optimum temperatures and humidity for the Cool Conservatories at the future Gardens by the Bay.

The cool dry conservatory at Gardens by the Bay will have temperatures and humidity similar to the Mediterranean and semi-arid sub-tropical regions while the cool moist conservatory will be similar to tropical montane and cloud forests regions like Mt. Kinabalu and Cameron Highlands.

So exciting! Can’t wait for Gardens by the Bay to open!

stop and smell the flowers

check out the lovely Spanish moss on the tree

the cool dry glasshouses



lily of the nile

look at the pear growing on the tree

inside a cool moist glasshouse

slipper orchid

passion flower growing outside

Children’s Day Weekend

The last time Anya met up with her cousins and the gang babies on the same day was back in March at her 1st birthday party. So it was really nice that she got to see almost all the babies yesterday! We met up with Jon, Selena & Asher and Terrence, Sharon & Aidan to watch ‘The Kingdom Under My Bed’ at the Esplanade. As usual, she liked the bits with the singing and dancing but claimed she was scared at certain talking bits which were too loud. Then in the late afternoon, we went over to Xin’s place to celebrate Reuel & Alex’s 2nd birthday! Such a fun day!

The Kingdom Under My Bed

outside the recital studio

sitting in the sun

drinking slushies: before, during & after

she likes the lanterns


super yummy birthday cake

the birthday boys

with the other kiddos