Daily Archives: October 26, 2010

Wedding Lunch & Pumpkin Playdate!

On Saturday, Anya and I attended my ex-colleague’s wedding lunch at Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport. The silly baby didn’t take her nap before that so she fell asleep in the cab. Fortunately, she was quite ok at the wedding and wasn’t grumpy or anything. Most of my ex-colleagues haven’t seen Anya for a really long time so it was nice that they could meet her again. The groom’s Japanese and his mother said that Anya looks like a Japanese baby. Well, I’ve heard that many times from various people but I guess when an actual Japanese says it, it must be true. Haha.

After the wedding lunch, we went to my bible study friend’s place for a pumpkin playdate party. There were many little kids there and a lot of them were born in Mar 2009 like Anya but they are all bigger than Anya! She’s really a tiny little thing. She was supposed to wear her strawberry costume but it was raining so heavily that we were just glad to get to the house without being drenched and didn’t bother with her costume.



strange minnie man

drawing on a spider