Daily Archives: November 2, 2010

Boo!! Happy Halloween!

My bible study friend passed me an outfit that she thought would be very appropriate for Anya to wear on Halloween. She also passed me a ‘prop’ to go with the costume.

Guess who?! Here's a clue:

Boo! Did I scare you??

Did you guess right?? I mean, it’s quite a no-brainer since the answer is in the subject! :) I think Anya does look like a cute little Boo from Monsters, Inc. in that outfit. I found the Boo doll pretty freaky though! It talks! And laughs! Argh!

Halloween Fright Night at ACM

We took a bus down to ACM after Anya’s Little Gym class on Saturday for the Halloween Fright Night. I dressed her up as a strawberry (one of her favourite fruits) and she really stood out from all the kids in their witch and superhero costumes. I think she looked incredibly cute!! Ok, I’m biased. But there were many people who went “Aww! She’s such a cute little strawberry!” when she walked by!

The museum was nicely decorated with cobwebs, pumpkins and spiders, etc. There were quite a few scary activities lined up (horror movie screening, haunted house, ghost stories) but those only started at 7pm and I wasn’t planning to bring Anya for the scary things anyway. Fortunately, the kids’ corner was set up by 5pm and we had lots of fun making a pumpkin (ok, I did that all by myself while she played with colour pencils and markers) and a butterfly mask (she did some of the sprinkling of shiny things). We also managed to check out the current special exhibition: Sumatra: Isle of Gold.

ghoulish green facade

they really should clean the place more often! ;)

I mean, look at the size of that spider!!

blood donation to vampires

berry eager to party!

kids' corner

crafty little kids

scary paper pumpkin

Anya 'helping'

sparkly mask

being a little kay poh