Daily Archives: November 5, 2010


When I was a kid growing up in Little India, I used to look forward to Deepavali every year because of the bazaar that would be set up next to the Sri Veeramakaliamman temple which was like a 2-minute walk from where we were staying on Veerasamy Rd. During that period, I would go to the bazaar nearly every day even though there was really nothing much for me to buy there! The only thing I ever bought were the rose biscuits which they now sell during any major festival like CNY and Hari Raya. There were some years where there were rides like a little ferris wheel or a little viking ship in the Deepavali fair and I would go and ride every day! Ah, fond memories!

So I dragged Adrian and Anya down to Little India on Saturday to look at the lights and walk through the fair. Debs and Simon came with us as well. We went to the fair at Birch Rd instead of Campbell Lane cos it’s supposed to be less crowded. It wasn’t a great experience cos traffic was horrendous, the fair was quite packed and Anya was somewhat cranky (and so was Adrian!) cos she’d been out the entire day. Think I’ll go back without them next year!!

bad traffic and random jaywalkers

rose biscuits in there somewhere

blur pic of my grumpy darlings