Daily Archives: November 7, 2010

Qi’s Hen Tea

My dear friend Qi is getting married on 20 Nov! We had a hen tea for her on Friday and it was a civilised chit-chat session. Most of the girls had to leave around dinnertime but Ju, Juan and I stayed on to tease the bride-to-be for just a little bit. She was extremely sporting and we had fun!

The groom-to-be was there before our tea started so had to pose for random photos

just us girls (with alex and daniel)

searching for unsuspecting people to help her carry out her tasks

scored a free drink!

Jurong Bird Park

We went to Jurong Bird Park on Friday and I enjoyed it more than I expected! Haven’t been there in ages and I thought it was just going to be so-so and that we’d spend most of our time at the Splash N Slide playground but we had such a good time walking around and catching the show that we didn’t even go to the children’s playground in the end. Of course, I was extra happy cos we used an MOE corporate pass so it was FREE entrance for us and we saved $72! Anya ran around like crazy and was so exhausted at the end that she fell asleep even before we got back to the car.

Anya trying to catch a bird, Fifi trying to catch Anya

At the very cool Lory Loft

Sweaty baby at the Birds n Buddies show

Dangerous creature in the cage!