Daily Archives: November 8, 2010

ACM (again!) and Amy’s housewarming

On Saturday, Anya and I popped by ACM for a short while before her Little Gym class to check out the Little Explorer’s Travels. There was a lot going on but we didn’t get to do much cos we were in a bit of a rush. The event was divided into four different areas – Dragons & Dynasties (East Asia), The Amazing Arabs (West Asia), Majestic Maharajahs (South Asia) and Sailing in Sampans (Southeast Asia) – and each area had performances and crafts for kids. Very interesting! Wish we could have spent more time there. After her class, we took a bus down to my ex-colleague’s place at The Pinnacle for her housewarming.

getting her arm painted

a pink bunny rabbit!

we made a kite and flew it from the lawn

free paddle pop

brain freeze!! This picture cracks me up! :D

trying to get in on the belly-dancing action

checking out the view from the 37th storey of the pinnacle

with auntie amy and sitting on a $400 magis puppy!