Daily Archives: November 10, 2010

Reflections for Anya’s Twentieth Month

This was another busy little month for you! You went to the Kampung Carnival at Bottle Tree Park, attended Clare’s birthday party, flew kites and splashed around at Marina Barrage, made an appearance at Auntie Amy’s wedding, went trick or treating at a pumpkin playdate, dressed as a strawberry for the ACM Fright Night, admired the Deepavali lights at Little India, dressed up as Boo for Halloween, stalked birds at the Jurong Bird Park, celebrated Deepavali at Uncle Nav’s, ate free ice-cream at ACM’s Little Explorer’s Travels, visited Auntie Amy’s new home and met up with Auntie Shan!

You are making lots of progress at the Little Gym and you love walking on the balance beam and doing your forward rolls. Your default expression of annoyance is ‘Barp!’ which means anything from ‘Don’t touch!’ to ‘Give me!’. You can sing the tune of the first line of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You haven’t learnt to read yet but pretend to read anyway and everything is ‘A’ to you. You are really adept at using the iPhone now and only need mummy to enter her password and you’re off. You have been a real milk monster this month and haven’t been eating much. You like eggs a lot. You go ‘Ta dah!’ and demand applause whenever you do something you think we should be proud of (e.g. pooping in the toilet bowl). You are a lot more vocal this month and have added several words to your vocab, the strangest of which is ‘Kinder Joy!’. Too much TV, I guess.

extra from the cast of Peter Pan

at bottle tree park

in your little tent house

with your hair soaped back in the bath

checking out your goody bag at clare’s party

at marina barrage

using the tv as your sticker album!!

pumpkin playdate

at the little gym

catching a giant bubble

dressed as a strawberry

dressed as boo

wearing auntie fifi’s shades

at the bird park

colour-coordinated at acm

at auntie amy’s place

I thank God for you every day and I love you more with each passing day! I can’t believe you’re already 20 months old! Thank you for making life so much better for me and for making all my problems seem so trivial! Always know that I love you very much!