Daily Archives: November 19, 2010

It’s been 5 years!!

It’s our 5th anniversary! Can’t believe we’ve been married for 5 years! It’s been a great journey! I usually post pictures from the church wedding when it’s our anniversary so here are some pictures just to relive the memories of our wedding dinner:

Look how slim I was 5 years ago!! Where has my tiny waist gone?? Boohoohoo!

Adrian was singing and walking towards me which was why I was standing on my own

Cheers to 5 happy years and many, many more to come! :)

SSO Babies’ Prom

Anya and I attended the SSO Babies’ Prom on Thursday with Ren, Edwin & Sophia and Juan & Samuel. We couldn’t get tickets for Wednesday which was the Hari Raya public holiday so I had to take leave to bring her. On the whole, it was quite enjoyable and I think she liked it. She was moving her arms up and down to the music, clapping her hands and waving her balloon sword around so I guess she was quite engaged. It would have been better if we were closer to the stage so that we could feel like we were part of the action.

pre-show activities

with mummy

they got some kids up to conduct

conducting from her seat

on stage with auntie juan and kor kor samuel