We were involved in a car accident last Thursday. We were happily travelling down the AYE when the driver of the car in front of us suddenly jammed his brakes. Adrian braked as well and we screeched to a stop without hitting the car in front of us. But before we could breathe a sigh of relief, the car behind us hit us and we all jerked forward. :( My first emotion was that of extreme anger that people would drive in such an irresponsible way and put my daughter’s life in danger. I just thank God that she was securely buckled into her car seat. We all got out of the car and I saw that there were a total of 4 cars involved in the accident. I held Anya and stood on the divider and glared at everyone while Adrian took photos and wrote down numbers. She seemed ok and didn’t cry.

On Friday and Saturday, my neck was hurting and I couldn’t tilt my head back without pain. And on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I had the worst back pain ever and I couldn’t take a deep breath without cringing from the pain. Adrian also had neck pain but Anya still seemed fine.

Today, we went to see a specialist and he examined us. He had to bribe Anya with lollipops to examine her and when he asked her if she had any pain anywhere, she showed him the mosquito bite on her hand. -_- She was wriggling around so much in an attempt to get off his lap that he was very sure from her range of movement that she was fine. Again, thank God. I really don’t mind suffering as long as Anya’s not in any sort of pain or discomfort.

Although Adrian and I are in pain, I’m glad that we are safe and that Anya is ok. And I’m glad I always insist that she stays in the car seat. :)


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