Daily Archives: November 28, 2010

Crazy Weekend!

We had a crazy and extremely tiring weekend! Really need to just stay at home next weekend to recover! On Saturday morning, Adrian dropped Anya and I off at Barker Rd Methodist Church for Crystal’s wedding while he headed off to Marina Sq to queue up for a Hi-5 meet-and-greet pass. (Heh.) After the wedding, we rushed down to Marina Sq to watch Hi-5 and take a photo with them. Then it was lunch and her Little Gym session. This was followed by Adrian’s friend’s housewarming at Upper Changi and finally a Sunday School teachers appreciation dinner in the Holland area.

Today, we had breakfast at 40 Hands then Adrian dropped me off at Covenant Presbyterian Church for Daniel & Sophia’s baptism while he headed to his parents’ place. However, Anya cried so badly after I got off the car that she vomited like a merlion and Adrian had to bring her back to the church to meet me. I cleaned her up and we attended the service and baptism then went to Adrian’s parent’s place for lunch. We managed to get a bit of rest there before the ToyBox performance at Loewen Gardens. After that was dinner at my folks’. PHEW!

I’m glad we have nothing planned next weekend!!!