Hi-5 fever!!

Ever since we saw the promotional materials for Hi-5 stuck to one of the walls of Marina Square, we knew we had to bring Anya to watch them and hopefully to take a photo with them. She would stick herself to the wall and give high fives to the Hi-5 members every time we passed the wall.

So last Friday, the first day of the live shows, we popped down to Marina Sq and got there an hour before the 7pm show. The queue was really long by then. Although we managed to get into the fenced-off area, we didn’t get a meet-and-greet pass. :( But Anya had fun dancing and waving her arms around anyway.

The next day, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Adrian went to queue on his own 2 hours before the 1pm show and got us a pass as well as front and centre seats!! He’s the best! It was quite an experience but we’re so not going to do this again!! It’s madness!

I want!

no meet-and-greet pass?? :(

we’re so far from the stage!!


We’ll be back…

crazy Hi-5 crowd

I love you, Hi-5!

front and centre

1, 2, 3, 4…Hi-5!

2 thoughts on “Hi-5 fever!!

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