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What’s up this weekend + More Matryoshka Mania

We’re planning to visit a couple of museums this Saturday since it’s an open house day (read: free entrance) and there are some exhibitions that I want to see at National Museum and SAM @ 8Q. If you are still feeling festive, there’s some activities at Sentosa that end this weekend. Don’t know if there are any other activities suitable for kids. Would be a good idea to check the weekend listings in the Life! section of The Straits’ Times tomorrow. Or maybe just stay home and recharge before work begins again!

I’m still suffering from matryoshka madness and I imagine that if the madness worsens, my house will look something like this:

matryoshka toilet

from Rakuten

matryoshka bedroom

from Hiccups

from Hiccups

Blessed Christmas!

I take a lot of pictures during the Christmas season but don’t really get pictures taken of me. This is probably the only family photo we have this Christmas and even though it’s not just of the 3 of us, I love the rest of the people in the photo like family so it’s all good. :) It’s been a really fun Christmas this year and I spent my time with loved ones and ate a lot. We were blessed with many wonderful presents too.

And because I forget things if I don’t write it down, here’s how we spent Christmas this year:

23 Dec – With my family
24 Dec – With Adrian’s colleagues in the afternoon and with Adrian’s family in the evening
25 Dec – With penguins in the morning and with Adrian’s law friends in the evening
26 Dec – With my gang
27 Dec – With our Eusoff Hall friends

I hope everyone had a great Christmas this year! :)

Christmas Baby!

Say hello to Ellery-Jude Nair! This little sweetheart was born on Christmas day to Selena and Jon. Now Asher has a little brother! He’s also a prizewinning baby because he was the first baby born in TMC on Christmas Day! And oh, by some strange coincidence, Selena’s in the same room that I stayed in when I gave birth to Anya!


hamper for the Christmas baby

Selena and Ellery