Daily Archives: December 1, 2010

ToyBox Show at Loewen Gardens

We caught the ToyBox show at Loewen Gardens on Sunday. Reuben and Mark are two very talented, energetic and funny individuals. The first time we saw them in action was at the Playeum event at Parkway Parade some months back. The tickets for this particular series of performances were $20 each but ToyBox has many free performances in places like Loewen Gardens and Tanglin Mall. The performances are very enjoyable and always get the kids up on their feet moving and dancing! I’m quite pleased that Anya managed to take a photo with them after the performance. :)

Daniel & Sophia’s baptism

Daniel and Sophia got baptised on Sunday! This was after Anya vomited dramatically in the car which explains why she’s dressed inappropriately for church ‘cos her extra clothes were just t-shirt and shorts. Before the baptism, Juan shared her testimony about her horrible heavy bleeding due to placenta previa during her pregnancy with Daniel and his premature birth and how God brought the family through it all. Very touching. :’) Didn’t manage to get a shot of Sophia being baptised.

unladylike, inappropriately dressed, slouchy Anya

juan and hwee lee sharing a joke during daniel’s baptism

Forty Hands

We had breakfast at Forty Hands on Sunday. It’s a cute little cafe in the middle of nowhere in Tiong Bahru. The food is not bad, the prices are ok, the interior is interesting but a bit cramp and the coffee’s good.

Forty Hands
78 Yong Siak St
#01-12 Tiong Bahru