Dora the Explorer Live Show at Raffles City

Brought Anya to catch Dora the Explorer: The Big Piñata live show at Raffles City on Saturday before her Little Gym class. Didn’t bother to queue cos I can’t really stay in line while trying to stop Anya from wandering off and getting up to some sort of mischief. We managed to get a seat in the audience area anyway but of course were quite far from the stage.

I think live shows by ‘real’ people like the Hi-5 one are great but I’m not so keen on live shows by cartoon characters because they are usually represented by mascots. I have nothing against mascots, especially if the original character is a mascot to begin with like Barney, but the cartoon character ones are usually strange-looking because the proportions are all wrong! Like this Dora one had unusually long limbs. Anya’s not particularly into Dora but she likes music and dancing so she kinda enjoyed it anyway.

the big piñata show!

but first, some beyblade action

funny-looking dora

that’s the big pinata in the background

“does my hair look like dora’s?”

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