Daily Archives: December 16, 2010

Matryoshka Mania!!

I have a confession: I’m crazy about things inspired by russian nesting dolls! I love things that have matryoshka dolls on them or are designed like matryoshka dolls. Every time I see something like that, my brain screams “I must have it!!” and it doesn’t help that matryoshka-inspired things are so popular these days! Argh! Help me! I’m addicted!!

Here are some matryoshka things that I really like (and want)!

matryoshka lunchboxes that stack into each other!

from rakuten.com

key covers!

from fredflare.com

glasses that stack!

from fredflare.com

measuring spoons!

from fredflare.com

measuring cups! I have these!

from fredflare.com