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Matryoshka Mania!!

I have a confession: I’m crazy about things inspired by russian nesting dolls! I love things that have matryoshka dolls on them or are designed like matryoshka dolls. Every time I see something like that, my brain screams “I must have it!!” and it doesn’t help that matryoshka-inspired things are so popular these days! Argh! Help me! I’m addicted!!

Here are some matryoshka things that I really like (and want)!

matryoshka lunchboxes that stack into each other!


key covers!


glasses that stack!


measuring spoons!


measuring cups! I have these!



JC friends & Inside a Christmas Tree

Met up with Margaret, Fiona and Hsu Jing on Saturday. The last time we met up was more than a year ago and it was the same four of us plus Paul and Willa. Nearly went crazy trying to organise the last meet-up we had so didn’t try very hard this time and just met up with whoever was available! Had a good time catching up with the 3 of them and it was nice meeting Baby Josh for the first time.

After that, Anya, Adrian and I went to get more Christmas presents and also checked out the Ion Christmas tree.

Margaret & Josh, Fiona, Anya & I, Hsu Jing

Ion Christmas tree

checking out the inside with special glasses


Hello Kitty Meet and Greet at Isetan Scotts!

My aunt told me about the Sanrio Christmas Fair at the Isetan Scotts Event Hall so I went to check it out last Thursday. Didn’t buy anything from the fair (although I did get a Hello Kitty keyboard from the toy department) but was quite excited to see that there were going to be three sessions of Hello Kitty Meet and Greet on Saturday and 30 people could take a photo with Hello Kitty at each session.

I didn’t know how long the queue was going to be but Anya and I took a bus down and got there about half an hour before the first session at 1pm. We were no. 5 in the queue. The woman in the queue after us was a hardcore Hello Kitty fan. She had the following Hello Kitty items on her: t-shirt, jeans, Crocs shoes, watch, earrings, hair clip and bag. Anya was just wearing her H&M Hello Kitty denim overall (a present from Auntie Angie and Uncle Nav) and she had Hello Kitty Jibbitz on her Crocs.

The Hello Kitty mascot looked a bit strange because the limbs were too long and I thought that Anya might be frightened but she LOVED the Hello Kitty mascot! She happily sat on Hello Kitty’s lap, hugged Hello Kitty and said ‘bye bye’ many times. After we left Isetan Scotts and were headed to Wheelock Place, she kept wanting to go back to see Hello Kitty and didn’t want to walk with me!! She was quite upset when I told her that Hello Kitty was tired and needed to sleep. Haha…

trying to chope a place for the meet and greet

“AHH!! I’m so excited!!”

a serious shot with Hello Kitty

bye bye kitty!

Reflections for Anya’s Twenty-First Month

Our dearest little sweetheart, you are now 21 months old! Can’t believe that you’ll be 2 years old in just a few months’ time. I was just cuddling you the other day and feeling sad that you’re growing up so quickly and that before I know it, you’ll be a rebellious teenager who wouldn’t want to cuddle with me. Sigh!

You are speaking a lot more now and your vocab is growing. You’re pretty good at greeting all the family members. I still melt whenever you say ‘Mummy’! Your ‘favourite’ relative is Ah Zou apparently because whenever you need someone to blame for anything, you always point the finger at “Ah Zou!” It’s easier to understand what you need so you don’t get that frustrated at not being able to express yourself. Of course, it certainly doesn’t mean that we always give you what you want simply because we know what you want! You already have lots of people who give you things, including the people at the market! Now that the Clementi market has reopened, you make your rounds everyday and get lots of free stuff from the people there.

This month, you are also growing a lot physically! You are significantly taller and can’t fit under the railing in the lift anymore! You have also been putting on quite a bit of weight this month and you’re now a chubby little thing! People keep asking us what we’re feeding you! Of course, I worry that you’re getting too chubby but as long as you’re still in the healthy range, I’ll try not to worry too much!

You did a lot of celebrating this month. There was Asher’s 2nd birthday, Marcus’s 5th birthday, Auntie Qi’s wedding, Auntie Crystal’s wedding, Daniel & Sophia’s baptisms and daddy’s birthday. It’s also a busy month for you and you’ve been out and about lots! You went to watch the SSO Baby Prom, Hi-5, the ToyBox Show, Dora the Explorer and Barney! Just want to remind you that your daddy queued for 2 hours just so that you could get front row seats for Hi-5 and take a photo with them. Your mummy (that’s me) put you on her shoulders so you could get a good view of Dora even though she was injured and in pain!! Your Ah Ma picked a fight with some woman who insisted on blocking you during the Barney show. That really shows how much we love you! You went to the Singapore Philatelic Museum to look at stamps this month and to town to admire the Christmas lights! You also finished another term of Little Gym and I’m glad you’re getting better at it.

at Asher’s party

at Marcus’s party

at SSO Baby Prom

at Auntie Qi’s wedding

at Singapore Philatelic Museum

with Hi-5!

at the Little Gym

at the ToyBox show

at the Dora show

with Barney

balancing on ball

at Ikea

celebrating Daddy’s birthday

I thank God for you every day and I love you more with each passing day! I can’t believe you’re already 21 months old! Thank you for making life so much better for me! Always know that I love you very much and I can’t imagine life without you!

Adrian’s birthday at RedDot Brewhouse

We had an early birthday celebration for Adrian at RedDot Brewhouse with his dad and sister. It’s a lovely place, so lush and green. Even the beer is green! The food was yummy and it was a nice, breezy evening. And when the sun went down, the fairy lights came on and everything looked so pretty. It’s a really nice place to chill out at.

looking out for birds in the trees

Dora the Explorer Live Show at Raffles City

Brought Anya to catch Dora the Explorer: The Big Piñata live show at Raffles City on Saturday before her Little Gym class. Didn’t bother to queue cos I can’t really stay in line while trying to stop Anya from wandering off and getting up to some sort of mischief. We managed to get a seat in the audience area anyway but of course were quite far from the stage.

I think live shows by ‘real’ people like the Hi-5 one are great but I’m not so keen on live shows by cartoon characters because they are usually represented by mascots. I have nothing against mascots, especially if the original character is a mascot to begin with like Barney, but the cartoon character ones are usually strange-looking because the proportions are all wrong! Like this Dora one had unusually long limbs. Anya’s not particularly into Dora but she likes music and dancing so she kinda enjoyed it anyway.

the big piñata show!

but first, some beyblade action

funny-looking dora

that’s the big pinata in the background

“does my hair look like dora’s?”