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Reflections for Anya’s Twenty-Second Month

You are now 22 months old! Just 2 months to your 2nd birthday! It’s been an incredibly busy month for you and you have been running around Singapore visiting friends and relatives. You started off the month by watching The Nutcracker Musical at Vivocity and meeting Hello Kitty at Isetan Scotts. The latter event left such a deep impression on you that until now, when the topic of Hello Kitty comes up, you’ll still talk about how you took photos with Hello Kitty and how she had to go and sleep after that. Hehe.

You met up with a few of my JC friends and attended a whole bunch of Christmas parties! But before that, mummy and daddy ran away for a 5-day holiday in Phuket without you. You received so many presents for Christmas that I haven’t been able to sort them out yet! This month, you also went to visit the penguins at the bird park and dropped by the National Museum as well. You now have a younger male cousin, Ellery, and I hope you guys get along. You also attended another Little Gym camp and just the other day, you attended the BabyBjorn 50th birthday celebration.

This month, you’re talking a lot more and are using more phrases instead of just single words. I love how you like to go “no, no, no..” while wagging your finger. You have also learnt to count from one to ten (although it sounds more like this: wa, two, tee, pour, pie, tick, rabbit, ate, nine, ten) but frequently get confused halfway. You are singing more bits of songs too (including 我问天). You seem to have grown taller too and can open doors easily (too easily for my liking) and climb all over things.

You are growing up so quickly and getting naughtier every day. You’ve gotten so heavy that I can barely carry you but you’re still my little girl and always will be.

the soldiers seem to have difficulty lifting you

a hug for kitty!

you’re crazy about rabbits!


at the bird park

little gym camp

eating at coffee shop

eating at coffee bean

eating at babybjorn celebration

you insist that my hand must be on your knee in the car

wearing mummy’s shoes

panda eyes!

I thank God for you every day and I love you more with each passing day! I can’t believe you’re already 22 months old! Thank you for making life so much better for me! Always know that I love you very much and I can’t imagine life without you!

BabyBjorn 50th birthday celebration.

Anya and I were invited to the BabyBjorn 50th birthday celebration which was held at Trader’s Hotel last Friday. I had to work so my mum brought her. From the photos, I think she had fun! She also got to bring home a BabyBjorn plate, spoon and bib. There was a cup as well but my mum left it behind by accident. Oh well! Just found out from Deborah’s blog that Sophie was there too! :)

checking out the tricycles

anya wearing a bib! shocking!

the birthday cake with a cute topper

adult-sized bouncer! holds up to 65kg!

anya seems to think it’s a slide