Daily Archives: January 21, 2011

Anya on her Radio Flyer trike

When we first got Anya a bike helmet, she hated it and refused to wear it. If we even managed to get it on her, she would spend the whole time trying to pull it off! Fortunately, she’s a lot more willing to wear her bike helmet these days. I think we really need to thank Hi-5 for this because of some segments where they feature the characters or kids wearing their bike helmets! Each time one of these segments came on, Anya would insist on putting on her helmet.

So dear ol’ Auntie Debs bought her a trike for Christmas and Adrian fixed it up the other day. She wasn’t too keen on riding the trike at first because she was in the midst of playing with bubbles so she sat on it for a bit then ran off. But later in the afternoon, she decided that she wanted to ride along the corridor. I think she’s getting the hang of it even though she’s not very good at pedaling and steering at the same time!! Looking forward to more trike rides this weekend!

looking happy but actually more interested in bubbles

auntie steph (sadako) showing her how it’s done

“I’ll just squat here and watch, thanks very much.”