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Sophia’s 1st Birthday

Sophia celebrated her first birthday on Sunday and, since she didn’t have a 满月 celebration (she was hospitalised at that time), the party was quite a big one with lots of friends and relatives. Sharon and Edwin very cleverly held the party at the multi-purpose hall near their block so there was lots of space for the children to run around and they could also play at the playground nearby! Anya spent most of her time driving around in a little car. She’ll probably get her driving license before I do!

anya at the playground

the VIP!


time to sing the birthday song!

collapsed sophia

collapsed anya

Wedding lunch at Halia

We attended Lik Chee’s wedding lunch at Halia in the botanic gardens yesterday. It was a nice, sunny day so Anya didn’t want to sit still for lunch and wanted to run around outside the restaurant instead.

the groom, Nav and Adrian

our little entry in the guest book


checking out the turtles in the pond

posing on a bench

she really liked being ‘inside’ the waterfall

Old 阿祖 butterfly!

Juan passed me this book on ‘Opposites’ for Anya to read. She said that Sam really liked the book when he was about Anya’s age. It’s lots of fun reading the book with Anya cos she’s very eager to fill in the blanks. If I go, “These flowers are…”, she shouts “BIG!!” and when I go, “And these flowers are…”, she goes “Small!”. When we read about the hornet flying around the garden very fast, she talks about ‘flying’ at the playground with her daddy. And then there’s this page:

I think the old butterfly looks a lot like my grandmother, Anya’s 阿祖. So we named the young butterflies after the various great-grandchildren (Anya & her cousins Asher, Aidan, Heather & Ellery). Whenever we come to this page, Anya shouts, “阿祖!!!” Wahaha!! :)

Tan Birthday Party

Juan’s born on 20 Feb, Samuel (older son) on 22 Feb and Daniel (younger son) on 18 Feb. So they had a mega Sesame Street theme party on Saturday! There were lots of colourful balloons floating around and the kids (and I, ahem) had fun playing with them.

Anya with Auntie Juan

the Tans

gang photo!

trying to lift Jotham with a balloon


Rabbits at the Zoo!

We went to the Zoo on Sunday to see the rabbits and to have fun at the water play area! We rented one of the Radio Flyer wagons and it made getting around so easy. Anya wasn’t too keen to sit in it at first but after I showed her how she could stick her cup into the cup holder, she was all for it. :)

rolling with it

floral rabbits

cardboard rabbits

wet & wild!

a real rabbit

rabbit being painted on arm

one more rabbit!

Huayi Festival: The Magic Ocean 奇幻海洋

Fifi, Anya and I went to watch 奇幻海洋 on Saturday at the Esplanade. This play was performed in English last June and had pretty good reviews (the photos below are from that June performance. The one we watched was in Chinese and had Chinese actors). But I really didn’t enjoy it at all and I think Anya didn’t like it as much as The Magic Treetop that we watched last month. Firstly, unlike The Magic Treetop, there wasn’t any sort of a main plot holding the play together. There were a few things going on: a turtle was trying to find a place to lay her eggs, a shark wanted to make friends with some fish and there was a crab clearing rubbish and looking for a new shell. But there was nothing resembling a decent storyline.

Secondly, many children in the audience were completely out of control!! There wasn’t a raised performance area so while there were certain parts during the play where interaction was allowed and encouraged, kids were running around the performance area even when they weren’t supposed to! And the parents did nothing! I saw some kids getting in the way of the actors and the ushers trying desperately to get them to sit down while the parents just looked on adoringly with this “Oh look how much energy and initiative my kid has!” expression on their faces! There was this kid who ran out and clung onto the leg of one of the actors! And some kid stepped all over Fifi’s bag while trying to touch some sea creature. The kids were really rough and were grabbing at things and destroying the props. There was a stingray made of wire and some filmy material and the kids totally bent it out of shape and tore the material! I could feel my blood pressure rising steadily. ;(

Anya liked the bit about the turtle trying to lay eggs (she really loves eggs lah) and the jellyfish but was scared of the whale. She didn’t have very much to say about the rest of the play. I really hope the next one we go to is better and has a proper performance area so kids don’t run amok!

Anya & Fifi

pictures of June performance from PLAYtime! Facebook page

stingray that was ruined by the kids

Tanglin Tree + Friven & Co. + Swiss Butchery

We went to The Tanglin Tree at the Friven & Co. building for breakfast yesterday. I dragged the husband and Anya there because my friend told me that Friven has Hi-5 merchandise and I wanted to see if they had any party supplies that we could potentially use for Anya’s 2nd birthday. We had a good breakfast and lots of fun at the playground on the ground floor, went up to Friven on the 2nd floor and finished off with a stop at the Swiss Butchery on the 1st floor. Quite a fruitful trip even though we didn’t manage to get any Hi-5 party stuff!

yum yum yum

little slide

flying fox thingy

up the stairs…

…down the slide

a dig in the sand


getting pork chops for dinner